Dan Tai


favourite underwear:
Briefs / Swimming Trunks

nationality / home city:
Leeds, UK






Dan Tai in Lifeguard Red Shorts by Box Menswear
Mens Pale Pink Briefs Worn by Dan Tai
Dan Tai wearing Box Menswear Swimming Trunks in Beach Blue
Dan in Box black Briefs


Dan Tai, more like Dan Thigh! The ex rugby pro turned personal trainer, crossfit champ and IG Model has the most muscular legs we think we’ve ever seen. Complemented with a cheeky smile, olive skin and great beard this muscle bound hunk is a must follow if you don’t already. Dan is a super easy going guy who absolutely loves to travel and have new experiences which is highlighted throughout his social accounts, so if you don’t somehow already get following.

The northern lad of Jamaican heritage started off as a pro rugby star who represented both Rochdale Titans and Great Britain. Unfortunately like many young and promising athletes his career was cut short due to injury. Instead letting this get him down Dan pushed on initially became a personal trainer then found himself amassing a large social media following leading him to become of of the sexiest models in the social media field.

When he’s not modelling and travelling the world it’s pretty obvious where you can find Dan, yeah you guessed it, at the gym. As you can see on his IG profile the man loves his crossfit and you can get a great deal of gymspiration and eye candy at the same time, 10/10 worth the follow. 

Box Menswear Black Boxers styled by Dan tai
Dan tai in Lifeguard Red Swimming Shorts by Box Menswear
Box Menswear White Swimming Shorts worn by Dan Tai
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