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8 Reasons We LOVE Max Wyatt.

8 Reasons We LOVE Max Wyatt.

Earlier this week BOX favourite Max Wyatt hit over 500k followers on Instagram and rightly so. 

If you follow Max on Instagram you will know he boasts a chiselled torso and has very muscular arms which many boys and girls would want draped around them. This being the reason why he’s attracted numerous fans ever since he opened his social media accounts.

Box fans certainty love max as do we, here are the 5 reasons why the blonde haired, blue eyed boy captured our hearts…

  1. 1. He’s actually adorable - If you have ever been so lucky to meet Max, you will know he is such a cutie. Just look at his smile, aww! 

  2. 2. His accent – Being born and raised in Stoke on Trent (as did singer Robbie Williams), in the north of England means Max’s accent is very strong, but we love it. He carries that northern lad charm and girls and guys alike just can't get enough of his cheeky humour and it leaves a long lasting impression anyone who has the pleasure of meeting him. 

  3. 3. His Bulge – Max is certainly not shy when it comes to showing off his assets. Why wouldn't he? If you know and love Box, you will certainty know and love Max Wyatt’s Bulge... it's practically famous. A very gifted young man indeed. He just loves to get naked at any point and probably jump into a swimming pool.

  4. 4. His Fan Love - One thing Max loves is his fans. He loves to interact with you all, so if you follow him, drop a comment on his pics. If you see him out and about, don't be afraid to go over introduce yourself and take a selfie! He will love it. Max is well known for having time for all of his fans and loves getting to know them. Ask anyone you know who loves Max Wyatt and has met him, they are bound to have hundreds of selfies with his cheeky smile in it. 

  5. 5. His love for BOX – Max has a massive space in his heart for Box Menswear and equally we have the same space in our hearts for him. If you follow him on Instagram we're sure you've noticed that Max is a man of the world and travels everywhere flaunting his Box underwear. Whether it be shorts, boxers or briefs in Australia, Dubai or Bali Max wears his Box everywhere! Max has put many of his friends on Box too from Instagram adonis' Brandon Myers, Ben Matthews and most recently his brother Ryan who looks just as good in it as Ma!

Luke Mills

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