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Box Boy: Liam Leeds

Box Boy: Liam Leeds

We haven't had a chat with a 'Box Menswear Boy' for a while, but last week we had a chance for a good sit down with Liam Leeds as he's known, after he attended the by Max Wyatt launch with Max Wyatt in Liverpool. 

We threw a bunch of questions to hot young lad for you, and here's what he had to say for himself. 




Hello, why don’t you tell us quickly what’s your name, where’d you come from and a little about you.  

Hello I'm Liam and I'm from Leeds in England (hence the Liam Leeds bit), I'm 22 and I like to keep a healthy mind and body. I would say I'm a very energetic and friendly person to know.

Sounds interesting mate, especially the 'energetic' bit!! Tell us a little about how your own background as a person, and how you’ve ended up being well known on social media, especially Instagram and Snapchat. 

I feel the need to always help others you know because they might not be in a good place (themselves).

I come from not such a nice neighbourhood but that has only motivated me more as a person to succeed. If you can't already tell by my grammar (our Box writer has tidied things up a little bit) I didn't go to school often, hardly at all ha ha.

I want to inspire people to do there best in life. i've got popular on social media through hardworking and dedication and maybe been a little liked.


That's all very admirable Liam, what would you say is your biggest achievement to date and why so?

 My biggest achievement is not been brought down by the things life have thrown at me I suppose or at least that's what everyone I know thinks about me. 


What do you consider to be your full time job?

I have two iIm a plumber and an OnlyFansrel” guy. There's a good few pairs of Box Menswear on there too. 


If you wasn’t in this job, what would be your dream job and why? 

I'd love to be one of the best Muay Thai fighters on the planet 🥊.


Ok, now we know not to get on the wrong side of you Liam. Tell us who do you most admire and why? 

I most admire my mother she is the strongest person I know for putting up with me. 


Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Do you have any specific goals? 

I see myself in a beautiful tropical country doing something or another. 


That could be training Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand! What’s your favourite photo of you ever  and why? It doesn't have to be sexy. 

My favourite photo (below) is the one on my insta @liamleeds22 in my Tommy Hilfiger underwear because it's shows my whole body and my face which is proud and powerful. 

Hot Underwear Boy


Tell us about Only Fans? If you had to describe it to an alien, what would you say? 

It's a site the you see you favourite person or persons from social media get naughty. 


Naughty, that's quite open isn't it. You're quite popular on Only Fans now hey, why do you think that is? 

I don't know. 

Hmmmm, that's fairly open. What's the best and worst thing about your success on Only Fans?

It's great that people like me but it could be bad in the wrong hands but who cares haha. 


So, you're a straight guy, but no doubt the majority of your fans are gay guys, how do you find that?  

It does not bother me everyone is friendly so i treat people how I am treated. 


What do you think your best physical feature is? Is it your bum? Lots of guys seem to like it. 

Yes I think so haha and mabye my hips too. 


Those hips don't lie! You have a colostomy bag? Tell us about this if you don't mind. 

I got my illness Crohn's after ages of questioning at 4 years old. I was fed by tubes for weeks at a time not been able to eat up until been 16 when I had my first op which was the Ileostomy Bag, then my large bowl removed, perforated bowl, some small intestine taken away, meningitis X2 , lab drugs costing £1000's an infusion but yeah I'm well now haha. The bag does not bother me in the slightest because it was the biggest relief having the thing not as much pain to suffer from getting up to going to sleep every single day. This only motivated me more to do something with my life.


Mate, that's really admirable. Well done for being strong and coming out the other wise. It's quite unique being young, a model and wearing a bag, what do your fans say about it? 

People always ask me what is the pad , what is the disk is it a sex toy haha, but people that understand what it is say very nice things like I'm inspiration and I get people message me that also have bags and are very grateful for me so that's lovely 


 Some new sex toy to the market hey! What do you do to unwind? 

See my close friends, go out have a few drinks , watch funny things on Netflix, stretch my body, meditation etc . 




Stretch! Now there's a possible innuendo. If you could party with any celeb who would it be and why? 

Jean Claude Van damn because he's drunken fight moves are the best. 


Tell us something funny about you that people wouldn’t expect? 

When I hiccup I sound like a chicken. 





Quick questions now...


Fave Movie?



Fave TV show to binge on?

 Keith Lemon (our international fans will need to Youtube this)  


Any piercings or Tattoos?

Illuminati on my back 



Chocolate or Crisps?



Cats or Dogs?



Text message or phone call?

 Phone call 


Kim or Kanye? 



Trump or Obama? 



Harry or William? 



Kate or Megan? 



The North or The South? 

 The south


Ryanair or EasyJet?

 Easy Jet 


Instagram or Snapchat?



Cardio or Lifting?



Prefer being Fully Clothed or Naked?



Boxers or Briefs?



Sum up Box in 3 words:




Well thanks mate, that was a really cool chat. We look forward to seeing more of you and your bulge in Box Menswear soon Liam. 



Christy G


Christy G

Like following you on Instagram

Christy G


Christy G

He’s lovely and I don’t just mean physically

Christy G

wow he makes the boxers look so comfy need to get a pair does he come with them

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