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Box Tips - How to Return to Work after the Christmas break

Box Tips - How to Return to Work after the Christmas break

Christmas is a weird time of the year, we lose track of what day it is, we eat what we want, drink large amounts of alcohol and have so much fun doing whatever we wish with zero (or little) work to worry about. But, before we know it, January is here and it’s time to put it all behind us and jump back into the routine of working life. 

It only seems like yesterday we were hanging up our work trousers and swapping them for our grey fleece box joggers, right?

While we was so excited to get back into the nit and gritty at Box Menswear, it doesn't make it any easier when that alarm rings at 6:30am for the first time in 10 days. Here are some of Box's Tips to help January run smoothly, giving you the best start to the new year.

Prep for the week ahead

One thing we think is a must, is the night before heading back to work, and every Sunday evening without fail is to prep for the day/ week ahead. Ensure you have a healthy breakfast and lunch planned, have your clothes ironed and a fresh pair of Box Briefs or Boxers ready, bag all packed and set to go. This will eliminate any morning rush the next day, making sure you have everything you need for the day to run as smoothly as possible. 

Think of Number 1.

That’s YOU! Be kind to yourself this month, it can be a struggle for a lot of people. So, make sure you take your lunch breaks at work, remove yourself from your desk, take a walk around the block, get some fresh air. Do what you need to do for yourself. Leave work at a reasonable time so you can enjoy your own time, outside of work. 

Get that inbox sorted

We know the dreaded amount of emails that can pile up over the Christmas break, and tackling the inbox is always a task in itself. But once it is cleared you will feel decluttered and have a lot more space to prioritise information and tasks which are needed to be done. 

New Year, New You.

This can be cheesy, but we always think setting goals for each week/month and for the whole year which you want to achieve and writing them down helps you to manage and prioritise yourself. Looking back on the list as and when you can, crossing off what you have and haven’t completed. Having new year’s resolutions can be beneficial, they can even be small changes such as getting the bus to work 2 times a week to help pollution and save money in petrol. Simple changes which can really help.

Work Friends Are the Best

We have an amazing team here at BOX HQ, which makes every day easier coming into work with supportive people. So, if you have the same in your work, take advantage of them, you spend more time with work colleagues than you do with your own friends and family. Spend some time with them at lunch, catch up, see how they are coping with the return to work and help each other through this January.

Sales Galore

One thing we know helps our January blues is shopping. Money may be tight this month but when the sales are this good, its hard to not treat ourselves. The Box sale started on Christmas Eve this year and has been running since with everything from £7.77. We are sorry if you missed out, sale ended 3rd January!

Luke Mills


Luke Mills

Sorry guys I’m missed your January Sale.
I assumed it finished on the 6th January when we all return back to work on the 7th.
Hey ho , hopefully you’ll be running other promotions throughout the year..

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