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Cyber Week with the Box Boys- Part 1

Cyber Week with the Box Boys- Part 1

If you follow us on Instagram and Facebook you may have seen us have a rather eventful Black Friday and Cyber Weekend. 

We invited our favourite American, English and German lads, Alexetics, Alexzc21, Gymnastkid589, Max Wyatt, Ben Matthews, x1pablo3 and thatsjoerg to come and spend the week with us Liverpool to celebrate. Incase you missed it, here is what we got up too....

The boys arrived in the UK on Wednesday 21st November, they based themselves at the plush Arthouse Hotel in Liverpool city centre, perfect location for the boys to explore and be close enough to BOX HQ. They was stayed on the Andy Warhol floor, which was so arty and fitted in perfectly with our BOX colour scheme, perfect for all those instagram worthy photo opportunities.

Ben and Alex looking good in our super soft grey track pants, whilst Anthony takes centre stage wearing our red fleece joggers, all warm boys?
The boys lounging around wearing Box Joggers.


Once the boys was settled into Liverpool hotel life, we headed to Air Unlimited, a trampoline and fitness centre near our HQ. The lads and some of the Box team got trained by professional personal trainer Ste Dobie, safe to say the guys trained hard and worked up a good sweat for you all on camera. Did you tune in?

Alex showing off his sculpted abs wearing Box boxer shorts and grey fleece joggers.
Alex C bouncing high wearing our classic white boxer shorts.


On Thursday 22nd November we started the day off with some BOX news, your favourite American boys treated you to some exciting news stories, wearing none other than BOX menswear. Alexzc21 and Gymnastkid589 were your news reporters and Alexetics informed us all on the UKs weather. 

Anthony and Alex C posing ready for the news report wearing box briefs and smart blazers with ankle socks. Amazing combo boys!

Alex W giving us the weather report in our pink boxer shorts.

On Thursday evening we treated you to some bath time with the Box boys, Anthony and Alex C jumped out their clothes and into some bubbles as they got ready for our Box meal later on that evening. We obviously had to video the whole thing...

Maybe we went a little far with the bubbles, oops!

Later that evening, we indulged in some lovely food in an amazing setting at The Old Stables at Allerton Manor Golf Club, in Liverpool. We had a private dining room with the boys and the Box team and we was joined by Max Wyatt and Ben Matthews to celebrate together. 

The Box Menu for the evening, which would you have?
Box MD Luke Mills joined by Anthony and Max Wyatt. 
Our Head of Marketing, Michelle joined with Alex C
Our MD Luke Mills with Alex W.

After the meal, we ventured into Liverpool City centre to show the lads our nightlife, however with it being Black Friday the next day, the Box Team, still had to get some work done. It wasn't all party!

On Friday morning the lads were slightly hungover, so off we went and took them to Liverpools best place for Breakfast, The Tavern. Fully refuelled and ready for the Black Friday ahead, the boys had to stop for a quick photo opportunity or 2. 
Alex, Mxx and Alex looking good showing off their waistbands. 

The boys then went back to the hotel to take full advantage of the amazing decor, where they would have a photo shoot with our amazing photographer (who also flew over from the USA) Carlos. We are obsessed with the photos, here is a sneak peak...

Max taking some polaroids in our Green Briefs.
The boys dropping their joggers and showing the goods.
Ben looking 🔥 in our Classic White Boxer Shorts.

Alex C and Max showing off their sculpted abs in our joggers with Box waistband peeking through. 

Be sure to keep an eye out on our socials for these pictures and many more!

Luke Mills


Luke Mills

More Max Wyatt please
The other guys are fit but Max leaves them all standing. Oh love the products too :-)

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