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Max Wyatt has released a calendar *slams head on desk* PICTURES

Max Wyatt has released a calendar *slams head on desk* PICTURES

Stupidly handsome Instagram / Snapchat / Only Fans sensation Max Wyatt has just announced he's releasing his own 2019 calendar and we've got pictures right here!!!

The very blond, very beautiful boy with the very pretty bum (yes he does show his bum in the calendar) has answered the question for so many people of 'what do I get them for Christmas?' by making available this beautiful A4 glossy wall calendar.

The calendar features 14 full page images, with 1 for each month, as well as a full front and back cover, and there's not a single month that isn't 10 / 10 sexy!

Max Wyatt Bum Ass Butt

The cover shows Max shirtless in some red Lacoste boxers, gazing off into a perfect sun set. The colours of the fading light highlighting his light hair, blond eyes and beautifully tanned skin. Also visible is the 19 year olds perfectly shaped bulge sticking out for all on the beach to see as well has his sculpted abs and smooth chest. 

Another favourite month is June, which has the English lad on his tip toes, showing his hairy and muscled legs, as his abs poke out while grabbing hold of the patio door frame above. Sneakily Max showcases his bum, whilst keeping the main package hidden from us all to see. Dammit!  

As we edge towards the end of the year, November and December provide a real treat. The Christmas month has the muscled jock Twink wearing some Box Menswear classic white boxers while getting soaked through in the shower, showing everything you want to see. But we don't want to spoil too much for you all, to see Max Wyatt in all his glory, purchase this big and bulging calendar now!

This calendar really is the very best Christmas, birthday, valentines, any special occasion present, or even a treat for yourself...So pre order it now HERE before it sells out!

Luke Mills

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