New Model Chris Hatton ( @Hatts17 ) Bulges In Wet Underwear

Instagram sensation Chris Harron who goes by the Instagram name Hatts17 has made his debut appearance for Box Menswear. 

The tattooed stud looks irresistible while stood in the shower while bulging from both the front and the back in a wet white pair of men's briefs

Hatts who is also an OnlyFans sensation shows his famously shapely bum and bulge wearing Box Menswear briefs, which hug his package, while the see through sides show his beautiful tattoos. 

Working his way through Boxers, Trunks and Briefs, the Reading guy proudly displays his double chested tattoo, which work their way down his arms and onto his legs. 

Chris Harron wearing Boxer Shorts

Want to see more of Chris? We'll be releasing more new images soon. 

Adeyeye Sodiq


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