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Sexy Box Boy Model - Jared Berndt with Pictures

Sexy Box Boy Model - Jared Berndt with Pictures

Hi Jared and thanks for agreeing to do a Box Boy chat.

We've posted you on the Box Menswear Instagram a few times and you're always really popular, so would you start off by telling us a bit about yourself? 
Hello! Well, I'm Jared Berndt, born and raised in Worthing, West Sussex, UK, lived in Cape Town, South Africa for 9 years and decided to leave my family and move back to Worthing at the end of last year. I’m a Personal Trainer who’s trying to build my Social media and modelling up to be established enough to do it full-time. 
Sweet, so you've got a mixed accent we're guessing! Tell us a bit about your background as a person and how you've ended up with a social media following? 
I don’t come from a family of money and that’s what constantly drives me to be successful and being able to support me Mum, Dad and Sister. This drive is shown through everything i do and that’s what i guess built my name up on social media.
That's really nice Jared mate. What would you say has been your biggest achievement in life to date and why?!

Leaving my family and moving back to England on my own, fending for myself at 19 years of age.

Jeepers you're only 19! Wow. Well then, what's your full time job? 
Personal Trainer at The Gym Group in Worthing, come and find me! ;)
Oh so we can hire you by the hour then ;) just playing. If this wasn't your job, what would have been your dream job? 

I’d love to be a boxer, but got into it late in life.

Well, we're glad you kept your good looks that's for sure! Here's a quick question for you, give us three people that you admire! 
Kyle Beaumont 
Michael B. Jordan 
Jack Fowler 
Ah nice to see our mate and fellow Box Boy Jack Fowler creeping in there. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? Do you have any specific goals in life that you'd like to achieve? 
A household name known throughout the world. I’d love to have my own car, house and successful business.
Sounds good, so you're someone we need to watch then! Let's have a look at a picture, what's your favourite ever photo of yourself? 
See Through Underwear On Model in Bath
So you're clean as well as sexy! We're guessing that hand fell over your bulge because your boxers went a bit see through! Right then, we know you're best photo, but what's the favourite 1 item of clothing you own? 
Male Model T-shirt
Nice, it's a go with anything top! Right, Jared, tell us what you do to unwind mate. 
Go to the gym. That's my type of bar!
What was your first job? How did you get it and how long did it last? 
Social Media Marketing Intern straight from high school. I try make connections everywhere I go and this one paid off for me. It was a 4 month internship. 
Tell me something that can make you smile ear to ear? 
A text from my Mum, Dad or Sister.
On the flip side of that, what can really wind you up and get under your skin? 
Entitled people or entitlement!
If you could party with any celeb who would it be and why? 
Jack Fowler, wanna sesh london or manny with my guy.
Now we're gonna have a few people asking us what sesh means! So, could you show us a photo that you really like of yourself? 
Box Menswear Shirtless Mirror Selfie

Nice Box mirror selfie, and one that you used to like, but now wonder what on earth you were thinking! 

Male model closeup
Hahaha, ok we like both photos for different reasons. Important question, if you could appear on any TV show what would it be? 
Love Island!!!
Popular answer. What about your ideal night out? 
The gym! A night out in these ends are dead man!
Need to get yourself into London more! Any hobbies or interests? 
I can’t be serious about anything for longer than a minute.
What about a movie, what do you watch on the sofa? 
That Awkward Moment, shock i’ve got a soft side, this rom-com gets the eyes watering but also is jokes man, proper three lads who avoid love but all fall harder in the end. 
What's your favourite season of the year? 
Summer, Ibiza. say no more.
Any tattoos or piercings? 
Almost finished my sleeve, desperately want more and got a nose ring.
What's the favourite physical feature on your body? If you don't like any say one at least. 
My shoulders, nice and broad but everything else is still on it’s way.
What you say you send a text or prefer to call someone 
Phone Call.
North or South? 
From the South so stick to my ends but a night out and the birds up North are unreal!
Snapchat or Instagram? 
Naked or fully clothed? 
Boxers or briefs? 
Thanks Jared, one last question before we're finished, how would you describe Box Menswear in just 3 words? 
The Full Package.
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