Alex Rose

Favourite Underwear: Compression Shorts
Nationality/Hometown: USA
Alex is fairly new to the male model and instagram heartthrob game but he is learning quickly as his social media growth is rapidly increasing by the day. With a classic all-American look of his blonde locks, baby blue eyes and strong man muscles not many would be able to resist the Floridian. 
Alex first started working with us when he flew out to our headquarters in the UK with his good friend Seff Breezy to shoot for our Black Friday content. Straight away Alex had charmed us all over with his boyish good looks and his stateside charm, not to mention his unbelievable physique. Although the British winter was a far cry from Florida this clearly didn’t bother Alex as he was running around our estate in just his red on red briefs! 
Alex in his downtime loves to travel and frequent any gym he can have access to. If you follow his socials you can see he is a through and through Florida boy from being out in the Atlantic on his Jet ski, shooting his guns and flexing his other one in the Orange states sunshine. If you don’t already follow the American stud, you need to - that boy just hates wearing a shirt.