Picture this, all the guys around you, it’s a perfect day at the beach or around the swimming pool. You’ve got your SPF sun cream, sunglasses, beach towel and even a portable speaker for music, but this is a perfect day, so you’re also wearing your Box Menswear swimwear to cap off the look...

      When you’re practically naked and in public, it becomes obvious why your choice of swimwear is so crucial, it’s all you’re wearing! The dress code is either swimming shorts or swimming trunks, that’s it, so it’s vitally important you choose the right swimwear to compliment your own body.  

      Whilst styling is limited, your choice of colour isn’t. Here at Box Menswear we’ve added to our swimwear over several years and our chromatic choice is huge. Chicago Green and the aptly named Beach Blue are amongst best sellers, but we also offer swimwear in yellow, pink, baby or light blue, burgundy, lifeguard or Baywatch red, as well as your classics of bright white and deep black. Maybe you can match your seaside look with your sunnies or sliders. 

      It’s no wonder with such a wide variety of quality swim trunks and shorts on offer that Box is the go-to choice for your holiday at home or abroad. If you’re packing your suitcase for Marbella, Mykonos, Mexico or maybe even just a hot tub in Manchester, then we suggest you order online from us, it’s really easy and our secure payments mean your order can be processed in minutes. Our quality elastane and spandex hand made garments are guaranteed to be of the highest quality, along with a water resistant silicone logo print. Box swimmers are designed to endure year after year, and trip after trip. The reason we’re so confident in the quality of our swimwear products is we’ve tested them for years. The dyes are vibrant and last and what’s more, we control the whole manufacturing process from factory to Summer BBQ Pool Party. Our latest range was quality controlled under a week of testing in the lakes of Northern Italy. 

      Let's talk about size and one feature of all Box Menswear swimming products is every single one features a double waistband rope tie which you can either wear on show at the front, or tuck it inside against your body. The super stretchy waistband allows for extreme levels of comfort and fit, with the rope giving inches of give in and out, so if you’re slim or more round we’ve got you covered. We stock sizes XS, small, medium, large, XL and 2XL in every colour and now offer 3XL in a limited range of swimming shorts. 

      One feature of not just our swimwear, but all Box Menswear products if they’re designed to show and fit. No matter your body size or shape, trunks or short shorts will feel snug against your skin. The thick waistband on our shorts allows you to cover up a bit if you feel self conscious, whereas, if you’re the opposite and want to show off as much flesh and bulge as possible, our trunks will certainly do that. All of our swimming products are lined with mesh netting fabric, however, this is not the lining you’re used to. It is the single softest lining material available on the market, seriously. No wet material sticking to your skin or sand causing irritation. It’s unbelievable levels of comfort. 

      If your holiday is next week or next year it’s always a good idea to have some swimwear in stock ready to pack. Just in case you’ve left it until the last minute, we offer next day delivery in the UK as well as super express with FedEx and DHL around the world. 

      Also who says that swimwear is restricted to getting wet?. A lot of guys love the rubbery yet silky feeling under their clothes and wear their swimwear as underwear. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

      Gay Swimwear

      Gay pool parties and gay beach parties are all the rage and growing in popularity. Factor in the likes of Atlantis Gay Cruise and the social calendar for gay swimwear is almost endless. 

      Arrive at the party with your swimwear wrapped in a towel or under your shorts.Either way, once you’re cruising about, you know you’re going to look and feel great. 

      There are some gay swimwear brands which will charge you a small fortune for a single item but not Box Menswear. We offer exquisite quality at affordable prices. We are also rated Excellent by reviews on TrustPilot so you know our products are good to go. 

      If you’re thinking about a birthday present  for your boyfriend or even your best male friend, or perhaps you’ve even got a trip abroad booked together then you should really think about some swimwear. Buy him something he’s going to wear all day and week and an item which everyone will see. There’s no better feeling than seeing someone enjoy using a gift you bought them right? So explore the whole range and we can deliver it to you or directly to him, whichever you prefer. So if you’ve got a little trip to Sitges, let us dress you and him, first for the beach and secondly for the gay bars with our huge collection of underwear and shorts. 

      With thousands of guys around the world dressed in Box Menswear it’s about time you joined them and slide them over your bum. Aussie, British, American, European and guys all over the world enjoy our swimwear, so if you haven’t already, give them a try.