Ready to get cuddled up on the sofa with the dog, cat, boyfriend or just a fleece blanket. It’s the weekend, warm and cosy...

and there’s a new 6 part series streaming on Netflix that you can’t wait to get into, but there’s one thing that makes the day on the couch perfect and it’s your Box Menswear loungewear. 

Day is turning into night and you’re stretched out in front of a huge plasma screen LCD TV . You need your legs to be wrapped in lounge leggings made from the softest organic bamboo cotton, it’s comfort personified and it’s available to order online right now. 

Some days just demand you don’t change out of your PJ’s, no matter how late it gets unless it’s straight into some premium loungewear. What’s more, you can even wear men’s leggings, bed shorts and hoodies out of the house. No one will look twice, unless it’s at your bulge in sweatpants whilst picking up a takeaway and even then it's only in envy. 

Loungewear comes in several forms and it’s not all loose and baggy. Box Menswear full length ridiculously soft lounge leggings are available to order direct from our website online and come in both white and melange grey. Our leggings sport a thick waistband as well as cuffed ankles. These luscious fitted almost pajama trousers have 5 star ratings all round.  

If you’re looking for something a bit less lengthy, why not try some loose fitting organic bamboo cotton bed shorts. Designed to be free fitting and super comfortable, they make the best nightwear and day wear especially on warm nights in bed or when the heating is on full blast. A lightweight and delicate flowy material, these mens PJ shorts allow your package to move freely. 

Sweatpants and jogging bottoms are next. Box Menswear fleece joggers are slimmer fitting and stupendously snug, not to mention almost thermal in their ability to keep you warm. Who doesn’t like a guy in sweat pants right? We also sell 100% cotton and super stretch track pants. Looser sitting but cuffed at the ankles for a smart fit. 

All our guys' loungewear makes a perfect Christmas, Birthday or Valentines gift for him. Men around the world love the present of something they can wear around the home everyday, so if it’s a fleece hoodie, fleece jacket or maybe even a smart fleece crew neck jumper you want for your man or yourself, we have them in black, melange grey, red & navy. All tracksuit tops and bottoms are ideal no matter how bad the weather outside if you need to run out and grab something, or even pop to a family member's home. 

Softness matters when it comes to fleece joggers and fleece tracksuits in general.. We sell the softest fleece tracksuits you could possibly imagine. The production quality is epic with our cotton-fleece blended materials, making it the softest and possibly the most luxurious fleece jogging bottoms you’ve ever worn or touched. It’s so soft in fact, these loungewear sweatpants could even be used when out jogging or at the gym, itch resistant guaranteed.

One of the best features about Box home items is that they fit everyone. We already mentioned about our men’s pajama shorts, but we stock most items for online delivery in sizes XS as well as Small, Medium and Large, however there’s a good variety of jogging bottoms and tracksuit bottoms that we hold stock in Extra Large, 2XL and even 3XL making sure these suit every guy no matter his shape or style. 

Loungewear has become increasingly popular outside of the home and it doesn’t matter if you’re walking the streets of London, Paris or New York, if you’re in Box jogging or track pants you’re going to look good. Underwear is optional! In all seriousness, we deliver our loungewear along with all of our underwear, socks, swimwear and more worldwide. Pick your delivery service with Free Delivery / Shipping available for some orders as well as DHL & Fedex tracked services. Also a reason so many guys wear sweatpants outside of the house if they want to show off that bulge right! Boys, have a look at our cotton trackpants, they were built as much for the gym as they were eating pizza at home, but one thing everyone agrees on is they’re super sexy when it comes to revealing your bulge. 

Please do not accept a cheap, poor quality imitation brand. If you want superior quality and the nicest loungewear to gift for men, then you should buy it from Box Menswear using our secure online payments. We also accept PayPal, Klarna and Clearpay. With next day delivery available, get your hands into loungewear in less than 24 hours and settle down by the fire for a night of Netflix & Chill.