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So You Want To Be A Male Underwear Model?

So You Want To Be A Male Underwear Model?

Ok, so you're looking down at that body of yours with some new boxers on in the bathroom, and you're thinking: "I really want to be an underwear model...".

We get so many messages at Box Menswear asking asking how they can be a model for us, and with that, let's expand a little more into the world of male models and what you can do to give yourself the best chance in the industry. 

Guy showing bulge in pink briefs 

Before you read on, here's a couple of very quick myths dispelled. 

  1. You do NOT need a 6 pack

    Whilst a chiseled physique won't hold you back it is not a prerequisite to being a commercial underwear model. It's not the 90's anymore where muscles ruled the world, so if you're body doesn't match up the cover of Men's Health, don't worry. 

  2. You do NOT need a big penis / dick / willy / cock etc

    Much the same as those abs, having a large bulge won't harm you, in fact, it will very likely help you, at least to get noticed, however, it's not the be all and end all, far from it. "Padding" is very much norm for guy models just the same way as girls will pad their bras, boys can and do enhance their bulge. 

  3. You do NOT need to be young

    Again, this is no longer the 80's, 90's or the 00's, and modelling has opened up in a big way. Look at David Beckham in his mid 40's and stripping down. Right, he's a world class sportsman, however, he sells underwear just as good as an 18 year old, if not better. 


With 1, 2 and 3 above being dispelled, you could be thinking "I couldbecome a male underwear model!". No kidding, it's one of the most 'hands-on' and rewarding jobs jobs in the world.

There are no real exclusions, however, some qualities will help you along the way and some can make it more difficult or narrow your opportunities. You may not be able to learn physical attributes, however, you can 
develop them, so keep reading. 


Being a model involves a lot of poise and confidence on your part.

The above entails being comfortable in your own skin and the briefs, or boxers you put on for the camera. It's a job that requires time spent on honing your skills, and while good looks go a long way, it's often not enough. In fact, most people think male underwear models only need chiseled abs, thighs and every bit of the masculine build.


Those are pluses but you should also be able to work with a team consisting mainly of photographers, and other specialists usually provided by a modeling agency. Yes, a modelling agency, one you'd ultimately have to be a part of if your career would take a serious turn for the better. Again, finding the right agency could be tricky but you need the best to get by and get those fulfilling jobs. There's a lot of things you can learn to help you build your portfolio on your way to being the best male underwear model, as you'd get to see with this article.

socks and briefs Lewis Flint 

What You Can Do

Be Sure It's What You Want And Be Comfortable With It.

A lot of times, men feel pressured to go into certain professions and male underwear modeling is one of them. You can't put on a jockstrap, wear your briefs, and declare you're ready to go without giving it some thought. That's because male models show more than a fair amount of skin and are required to don underwear that leaves nothing to the imagination. Further, you should embrace your fears and know that being nervous is part of the process, but it shouldn't be a habit if you expect to last as long in the modeling industry. As French male model for Chanel and Fendi, Baptiste Giabiconi opined, "I don't have any problem posing naked. For me, it only works." Not that you'd have to pose naked, but you get the point Baptiste is trying to make.


Workouts Are Important, but they're not everything

While you're not trying to be a world heavyweight champion or angling for a spot as the best bodybuilder, you do have to keep fit and toned. However, there's a thin line between having a unique physical presence and being a body builder.  In fact, most agencies overlook men who have a body that appears too ripped off. For example, a person who has every inch off their body bulging with muscles takes the attention off the Box Menswear they have on. It becomes an advert for 'how you can become muscular instead of how comfortable and cool you can be in your Box Menswear underwear.

You can run and do some cardiovascular exercises to get exceptional physical qualities without going overboard with too many muscles. Also, you need that wholesome smile that can only come from enjoying what you do and living up to it. Creat that workout routine and stick to it! This helps you get toned and defined features that could easily fit with underwear.

Always Try To Eat Right

All the workouts in the gym and otherwise, can help you get and maintain that physique you need, but to get there faster, you have to eat right and have good dietary habits. That means knowing what carbs are good for you, the nutrients you need and what to avoid. If you like a bugger every day, chances are you're looking to become a slouch of a model and not someone who can comfortably appear in his briefs or boxers for a brand like Box Menswear. Generally, foods low in saturated fats are okay while foods rich in protein are a must. Again, you won't get far without enough water to help you glow. Water is important, largely because a lot of your skin is revealed when you model. You'll have a rich, well-moisturized skin with an adequate supply of water into your system to give off that fresh and appealing look. If you can't handle it all on your own, you should consider hiring a personal trainer and nutritionist.


According to Oliver Cheshire, who has done jobs for Calvin Klein and Mark's & Spencer, "modeling is a life choice, and one that takes plenty of discipline: days in the gym, eating properly, avoiding the booze before a shoot and what not. It isn't just turning up and taking a nice photo."

Hone Your Posing Skills

Posing is a very important part of being a male underwear model and you simply cannot get as far or even into the industry without the ability to strike great poses. Yes, you'll probably have a team provided by a modeling agency, but you should practice poses to be more in line with what's required from an underwear model. That's where confidence comes in because your pose helps others see why they should take on the briefs. Further, when you hone your posing skills, you get to know and understand positions that are perfect for you and show off your best features.

Patrick le blanc massive bulge


Create An Amazing Portfolio

Through with the poses? Great! Take one step further and create a portfolio that's hard to turn down. In the modeling industry, it's like a resume you present to agencies you're looking to join. It spells out all your characteristics, with emphasis on your strong points. Also, the images should be spot on, clear and well-lighted, so it doesn't appear to be hiding something. Vital information about yourself such as your full name, height, weight, underwear size and other personal features, are also important. Make copies of your portfolio and send them via emails or try to schedule a meeting with a representative of a good agency. You could even go one better and be a bit like Travis Fimmel, and show up unannounced, broke and barefoot! He's reputed to be the first underwear model to earn a six-figure pay working go Calvin Klein before going on to star as an actor. Again, Michael Baker of Agency Storm explained a situation where someone was hired on the spot. "We had one boy who walked into our office one day and, although he was only 16 and had a lot of development to go through, we signed him on the spot. But that doesn't happen often." While that approach may be difficult in present times, you should explore all avenues to make your modeling dream a reality.

If you're struggling, get on Youtube and watch some videos of guys posing in underwear. Not everything other boys do will work for you, but it'll give you some insight. 




How Agencies Work

A modeling agency is concerned with networking and building up a great list of companies that need models to put their products out there. Put simply, they are professional agencies that link you up to brands that have products to put on display in order to generate awareness leading to sales. For example, an underwear model is put forward by an agency to model a jockstrap or boxers. But, such a model will have to be the right fit for the job. Once your qualities are short of what's expected from underwear models, you'll have a hard time attracting agencies, let alone jobs from established names like Box Menswear.

Agencies are not free and would demand a certain fee (commission), from you from each job you take. Finding the right agency presents a problem because money could be a sticking point. Also, some of them simply charge way too much. What you can do is try to read up and understand any contract before you put down your signature. Again, avoid being pressed into making a hasty decision you might come to regret, or that might lead you into debt. One way to ensure you don't get sucked-in to the bad side of modeling agencies is to ask relevant questions to clear up situations, paperwork, and ensure the agency is completely in your corner and actively seeking out jobs for you.

Apart from the obvious fact that you can apply to various agencies, you can also be scouted out by an agency. In fact, some of the best models didn't start off on that career path. David Beckham for one was a footballer before posing for shots for the Armani underwear brand or going one step further with the H&M brand.


The Pay Involved

Like all careers, there's always a starting point and it often involves less financial rewards and incentives. But those are early beginnings. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed not to imagine how rich male underwear models are when you see them on adds and images. Your reasoning will be in the line of millions or more. However, the truth is, male underwear models have to make do with thousands of pounds at best. Others make considerably more, but that's after kicking things off on the right part and having their agencies link them up to great jobs. What underwear modeling can do though, is launch you to more financially beneficial career paths like acting and other opportunities. For example, David Gandy, famous for his Dolce & Gabbana ads, quipped that: “I have my own clothing range, I have four charities, I powerboat race, I race cars. I have my racing license. I write for Vogue and GQ. I review cars for Vanity Fair. I don’t really model that much anymore because I have all these other things. But the fashion industry has given me all the avenues to be able to do everything that I’ve really, really wanted to do.”

Another advantage is that male models tend to last longer in the industry. You can be part of that, modeling jockstraps and briefs, knowing fully well it could lead you to greater success.


Famous Male Underwear Models

A lot of men have done more than their fair share of posing in briefs and boxers. This has either made them famous or more famous. There's simply no getting enough of them, and they make for perfect role models in the modeling industry. Also, they don't just strike a winning pose, they live through every moment, showcasing mind and brand. Brad Kroenig, a veteran Chanel model, couldn't have put it any better when he said: “A lot of people tend to think that male models are uneducated and that they thrive off their looks alone, but most of the successful male models I have worked with over the years are very smart and well-rounded.”

Here are some names and personalities you can't miss.


Tyson Beckford

As one of the most recognized and successful male models, Tyson Beckford has broken many grounds and is listed among the 50 most beautiful people in the world. Of course, he's also popular for modeling underwear by Ralph Lauren and has also starred on music videos and other shows.

David Gandy

He was once named in the top 3 of the most successful models by Forbes in 2009 and it's not difficult to see why. His style is unique and distinctly popular. Also, he's one proof that you can be unconventional and still make it. This is evident in the sheer amount of interests he has besides modeling.

Jamie Dornan

You've probably seen him in briefs and other underwear campaigns for Calvin Klein and we've written about him before here. But he's since transformed into a talented actor and is known for his role in the movie, 50 shades of Grey. This he achieved, with a body and attitude to match.

Some other famous male underwear models include Freddie Ljungberg for Calvin Klein and Christiano Ronaldo for Emporio Armani.


Tips To Help You In The Modelling Industry

Build a strong resistance and attitude to failure and lost opportunities. Be eager to bounce back, and accept every job that comes your way so long as you feel comfortable doing it. 

Soak it all in. Advice from fellow and accomplished professionals, editors and photographers are just as important. Always read, get yourself on message boards and Facebook groups. 

Be content working your way up.

Be people-friendly and communicate effectively, building quality personal and professional relationships along the way.


There you go. This information will go a long way in helping you become a male underwear model. Also, you can find the best products, including boxers and jockstraps, at Box Menswear.

Now make like Sam below and pose! 

boy legs open boxer shorts bulge


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Keanu Reeves 5 hottest roles

Keanu Reeves 5 hottest roles

In honour of the final chapter of epic action John Wick we look back at the hottest roles Hollywood star who has lit up cinema screens now for over three decades. Reeves was born in Lebanon to Canadian parents in 1964 which from the jump makes the 54 year old a very interesting man. A young Keanu got into acting at the age of 9 then subsequently performing many on stage parts throughout his teens. At the tender age of 17 Reeves got a green card and moved to Los Angeles living with his ex-stepfather who was a stage and television director. From the jump he started landing small tv roles as well as featuring in adverts. It was in 1986 where Reeves got his big break when he starred in Rivers Edge, the critical success got the young Canadian hunk recognised then when to star in comedy cult classic Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure.

Since arriving in the Hollywood scene the 6'1 dark horse has gone on to model for Dior, practice martial arts and he even is the guitar player in rock band in Dogstar. It's hard to tie to Reeves down to any particular film as he has starred in so many classics and looked amazing in every one. So without anymore talk here are our favourite and hottest roles he has played...



In the high speed (no pun intended) action thriller co-starring Sandra Bullock, Reeves steals the show by playing classic action-hero Jack Traven who is an LAPD officer part of the bomb squad. Early in the film the experienced bomb handler diffuses terrorist Howard Payne's (Dennis Hopper) bomb that was placed for a ransom. 

Later on in the film Payne orchestrates an elaborate bomb on an LA bus which is activated when the bus hits 50mph then detonates when the bus drops below that speed, hence the title Reeves and a passenger played by Sandra Bullock have to drive round Los Angeles at a fast pace whilst solving the problem. 

The film was a sleeper hit both commercially and critically as the film had a slow start but we all know it as an absolute action classic today. Critics praised the chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Reeves and loved the intensity that Keanu brought to the role. This film is the best when you want a quick and easy action film to get the adrenaline flowing this is the one for you. Keanu Reeves locks amazing with his masculine buzz cut, bad cop attitude and plenty of shots of his tight athletic body to keep your eyes peeled the whole duration.



Point Break

 Keanu Reeves playing a hot cop... who is also an undercover surfer? Yeah, that's us sold. This film may be even more exciting than the aforementioned Speed as Point Break has both Reeves and Patrick Swayze, heart palpitations just thinking about it. How many films do you know that have two Hollywood hunks surfing for 2hrs?  

Again, Reeves plays a man of the law this time in the form of an undercover F.B.I agent called Johnny Utah who was also a former college quarterback so from the jump we automatically love this character. It's Utahs job to infiltrate a gang of surfers who are suspected to responsible for a string of bank robberies dressed up as ex-US presidents. The gang is led by the enthusiastic Bodhi (Swayze) who Johnny Utah ends up getting a long with which complicates matters. The film is a high octane thriller that we won't spoil if you haven't seen it!

If the premise of Reeves and Swayze doesn't sell this blockbuster alone  then surely seeing the both of them in their physical prime showing off their sculpted Hollywood bodies in wet suits should have your minds changed swiftly. If you love a good action movie this is literally the ideal film and an absolute essential for all those who have a thing for Keanu Reeves.



Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure

 This cult-comedy classic was the first film that introduced the world to the new up and coming hot Canadian (there's been a few since) and had us all thirsting for some more Reeves. This bro comedy couldn't be more 80s if it tried featuring big hair, camp outfits and cheesy comedy - we love it! This is Reeves in a rare comedic and less intense role and although he isn't playing classic hot action hero in this we do enjoy the more playful and flamboyant side to the actor.

The film takes place in San Dimas California as clueless teens are more focused on their failing rock band than their high school grades and are threatened by their teachers that they will fail high school if they can't pass history class. When debating what they're going to do outside a convenience store when they are met from a man from the future who presents them a time machine in order to go back in time and learn about history. If that wasn't ridiculous enough the two manage to mess it up therefore the likes of Napoleon, Joan of Arc and Socrates. Eventually they sort it out whilst learning more about history therefore ensuring their future status as rock legends. 

This film is a feel good comedy that doesn't really require your full attention, we recommend this after a long day where you just want to sit back, relax and have a few cheap laughs whilst ogling a young Keanu Reeves. This is is also one of the rare films where Keanu is super young and playful and we absolutely love the wild hair on him with the baby face.



The Matrix

This is THE Keanu Reeves film realistically, when someone mentions his name we all automatically see chiselled hunk in that sexy leather duster with the famous little shades on. This sci-fi classic is renowned as one the best in it's genre and one of the best films of all time. The film has gone on to make 171 million worldwide making it the 122nd highest grossing film of all time - not bad for the first film of a completely new franchise.

Without over complicating things, which is hard; does anyone fully "get" this film anyway? The film in it's simplest terms follows a regular guy who discovers that real life is a simulation and not the real thing. He then becomes Neo and takes down the evil agent smith (Hugo Weaver) to help save the regular people within the simulation.

Reeves looks unbelievably cool in this film in that long black duster, streamlined shades and black undershirt which has now become an iconic look associated with this film. This style birthed "cyber goth" a trend which is strangely as popular today as it was then. This one isn't an easy access film like the others but if you are big into your sci-fi and love a bit of Keanu in leather this one is for you.


John Wick

The rebirth - maybe the role we'll look back on as his most iconic. John Wick is . a straight up bad ass and hands down one of the greatest action characters of all time due to the fact that this man can take on absolutely anything and can't be killed by anyone. The first John Wick film had a budget of 30 million which it successfully flipped to 80 and received massive critical praise for it being one of the best non-stop action thrillers in some years which of course called for a sequel. Just like it's predecessor it absolutely smashed the box hence why John Wick 3 is currently in cinemas and there are even talks of a fourth.

 John Wick is a widowing ex-hitman who is still mourning the loss of his wife who recently gifted him with a beagle for companionship. Wick takes his 1969 Ford Mustang to the petrol station when he is 

This film is worth watching for the fact that Keanu Reeves is in a suit for pretty much the whole duration and the long hair and beard combo does absolutely everything for us. There is also a scene where he is in a tight white tee while literally hammering the ground open and honestly his muscles are something else. We will be definitely be making multiple trips to the cinema for this one.



Christy G
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5 openly gay sportsmen

5 openly gay sportsmen

In light of Andy Brennan recently coming out as the first openly gay Australian Footballer we are looking at the seven biggest sports stars who are also out and proud. Brennan described his closeted homosexuality as "an emotional burden" a feeling that we're sure most who have been in that position have felt. He wrote on an Instagram post that "

It’s taken me years to get comfortable saying this - I’m gay. I was scared it would affect my friendships, my teammates, and my family. But the support of the people around me has been so great and helped me get to the final step; being completely open. 
Being open is the best way for me to feel most comfortable and be myself. So… carry on!" Amazing an inspirational words from the former Newcastle Jets player.

So, without further adieu let's delve into some of the gay sportsmen alumni that Brennan joins...

Jason Collins

Jason Collins was a pro basketball player who during his tenure as an NBA star adorned the jersey of the Boston Celtics, Washington Wizards and Brooklyn Nets respectively.  Standing at a jaw dropping 7 foot the big man was renowned for his strength, blocking and unsurprisingly his ability to get to a rebound earlier than the majority of other players.


In 2016 Jason Collins was the cover star of Sports Illustrated magazine May issue, it was in the cover story where he came out as a gay man to journalist Franz Lidl. In the bare-all interview he stated that although he is a homosexual he did not want to go into details about his relationships and personal life - which we totally respect in an era where everyone wants to know every last detail about queer celebs. To further add to the respect we have for this man he also revealed that he wears the number 98 to honour a man who died of a hate crime in 1998. Fellow NBA star Kobe Bryant supported his coming out alongside Barack and Michelle Obama.

Tom Daley 

 We know you know this one. Remember when Tom Daley was just coming up as Britains next best olympian and both guys and girls would swoon over this speedo-wearing adonis? Tom Daley had become a poster boy for the now infamous 2012 London olympics and was one of the hottest properties in British Sports ever. He went on with his fellow Olympians went on to gain the most medals that team GB have ever achieved in an Olympic Games before with his input of a bronze in diving. 


So naturally after the olympics Daley fever had spread across the country and everyone was wondering the same thing: how is this guy single? Then in 2013 it all became clear. On his YouTube channel he uploaded a video titled "Something I want to say" where the chiseled-body athlete revealed that he had been in a relationship with a man called Lance Black (lucky guy) for a year. Fast forward to 2019 and Tom is now happily married to Lance Black and they're expecting a child later this year. 

Gareth Thomas 

Gareth Thomas is a Welsh Rugby giant (literally, he stands at 6'3) as he represented his national team for both union and league and during his career became their most capped player until 2011. Some of the great achievements he reached include winning the Heineken Cup in 2005, scoring a hat-trick in the Six Nations final and captaining Wales in the World Cup. 


In 2009 Thomas came out as gay. He told the Daily Mail, "I don't want to be known as a gay rugby player. I am a rugby player, first and foremost I am a man". Well said Gareth! Gareth since coming out as a gay man has become a brand ambassador for UK Charity Childline in order to support young men who come out and are struggling, for his pro LGBT endeavours he received Stonewalls Hero of The Year award and was voted Most Influential Gay Person in the UK on the IoS Pink List in 2009. 

Greg Louganis 

Greg Louganis, another diver. Louganis is renowned as many sport experts and fans as the greatest diver to ever grace the sport. Some of his many accolades include 5 olympic medals (4 gold), California Sports Hall of Fame and ABC's athlete of the year 1989. 

Louganis' life outside of the pool has been incredibly interesting also as he has has survived contracting HIV, rediscovered his biological parents and is a famous LGBT rights activist. On top of these amazing feats he has even made various film appearances!

Louganis has been out for the majority of his career, which has led him to being one of the most celebrated gay athletes of all time and certainly up there with the most famous. 





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Flavour of the week: Charlie Edwards

Flavour of the week: Charlie Edwards

About the boy

A bad boy with tattoos? You're absolutely lying if that sentence alone doesn't get you hot and bothered. There may be plenty of them around in this day and age but we can assure you... there aren't many better looking than this guy. At just 19 years old the Cleethorpes native is covered from ankle to head in ink - complimented with a nose piercing and eyebrow slits (may be one of the only ones to look good with this) Edwards just screams bad boy next door.


Other than being an instagram hunk, Charlie Edwards has the really cool and desirable profession of actually being a tattoo artist! I'd let him ink me up any day of the week.  

Why you should follow him

You should totally follow Charlie due to the fact that he isn't shy of a topless photo at all and why should he be with a chiselled body adorned in amazing artwork like his. He also posts content regularly which varies from smouldering pics of his carved jawline to his ink work and you can get some outfit inspo as Edwards is a remarkably well dressed man. 


 Instagram: @charlieedwardz

What's in the future

 Considering the lad is only 19 years old and has already amassed 24.6k Instagram followers the future certainly looks bright for Edwards. We look forward to seeing both more of his professional work and especially more of the man himself!


Christy G
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Shiny Coats... Are a 'thing' now.

Shiny Coats... Are a 'thing' now.

You may have been walking down your local high street lately and noticed a trend with the lads that is becoming increasingly popular, shiny coats.  

During Milan's Autumn/Winter 2018 Men’s Fashion Week there was a key trend that packed the runway and judging from the street style crowd the shiny coat trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon, yes even in the summer. 

Major fashion houses such as Christopher Kane, Balmain and Calvin Klein all sent models down their Spring Summer 2018 runway last year in numerous rubber and PVC pieces, so it’s safe to say the shiny gear arrived and is here to stay. 

We had a little root through the Pinterest archives to dig out some handsome looking guys, wearing none other, you guessed it, shiny coats.

Do you agree they look hot in shine? Would you like to see a BOX shiny coat in the future? We can definitely picture packing this for our winter city break wardrobe essential.  

 Heres our 4 top cute guys in shiny bubble coat pics from Pinterest:

So when you think of classic wet-look shiny coats one brand certainly pops into your mind - Moncler. Moncler is an Italian apparel and lifestyle company founded in 1952 by René Ramillon most known for its down jackets and sportswear. Moncler took its name from the abbreviation of Monestier-de-Clermont, an Alpine town near GrenobleFrance. Since then it has become extremely popular among celebrities, sports stars and style influencers for their shimmering glossy finishes.  Above we can see this serious faced messy haired hunk working the red shine.


This hottie working this super shiny black coat teamed with an unshaven face and ripped denim jeans. Good combo, this how you rock the classic black Moncler. The cool thing about a Moncler is that doesn't look out of place in an indoor setting, you can literally shine inside the club in this and not receive any questionable glances for doing so. 


Gaz Beadle from Geordie Shore looking into the distance wearing his own brand 11 Degrees. A much sportier and athletic fitting variation of the style is perfect for both style and sports. At a more affordable price point of £80 this jacket is an all year round essential. Thoughts?


We can't stop staring at this handsome chap, teaming his shiny coat with ripped jeans, white trainers and a hoody underneath, for a well layered yet effortless street style look. Which we think really works. The street setting of this fit pic really highlights the versatility of the style as you don't need to be on an artic expedition to rock one of these. 


Would you like to see a BOX Menswear outer range? Comment your thoughts below. 





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8 times sports stars underwear captured our attention

8 times sports stars underwear captured our attention

Whether it's boxers, boxer briefs or any other kind of underwear for that matter - the undergarments of a sports star often garners more attention than that of their sporting ability... as well as what's inside them, naturally. Whether they're posting for professional shoots or lucky paparazzi on the sidelines. Although their choice of sporting profession may differ; stars of football, rugby and other sports all share one desirable trait... they look REALLY good in a pair of underwear. 

So for your enjoyment (and ours) we have compiled a list of the 8 times that sports stars underwear got us talking, whether that be due to a professional shoot, scandal or anything in the space between the two. Make sure you're sitting comfortably because we're about to bombard you with sports stars in their favourite boxers, briefs and jocks. Yippee! 

David Beckham

I mean, who else could this last have started with? The former Manchester United, Real Madrid and AC Milan adonis has managed to launch a second career by posing seductively in boxer briefs. Let's be serious this man is probably now more well known for his dashing good lucks and southern charm than his amazing football abilities so it came as no surprise that fashion powerhouses where starving after an underwear shoot from him in the latter years of his sports career. In 2009 Emporio Armani finally got their claws on an underwear campaign with the at-the-time Milan star and unveiled the long awaited pictures on the streets of London at the Oxford Street Selfridges flagship. 

 The campaign was and undeniable and frankly unsurprising success so this was far from the end for the London boy wonder. Beckham then went on to have a successful 5 year collab with H&M which sold so well the only natural next move was to have his own line. 


It is now estimated that over 90% of David Beckham's earnings now come from his commercial endorsements, making him the highest paid footballer in the world - a refreshing stat in the modern era of ridiculous wages in the sport! Capitalising on his washboard abs, cheeky smile and clear sharp business acumen he's been able to crave out a nice little business for himself which no one has any complaints about!

Freddie Ljungberg

This Swede was known for his well groomed looks, sculptured build and piercing blue eyes when he was part of that infamous "unbeatables" Arsenal squad in the early 2000's. Having caught everyone eyes during the record breaking Premier League campaign he was soon selected by Calvin Klein propelling the brands notoriety in both the UK and Swedish market respectively. Freddie
and his impressive package adorned the billboards of towns across the UK, with his sexy grin and Adonis body do a lot of the heavy lifting for Calvin Klein’s popularity. Freddie’s boxers-wearing became such an international phenomenon that many people in the US (who don’t know about British football) assumed he was a full-time Calvin Klein model, unaware of his footy skills. After posing for a bunch of ads, both solo and with female models. 


Although the Swede had an extremely successful career for country and club, a career that took him all over the world winning trophies from England to the USA and finished his playing in India. He now manages the Swedish national team at u23 level.

Di Nazionale - Italian National Team

The Italian national football team caught many people’s attention back in 2006 when they starred in Dolce and Gabbana ads wearing nothing but their boxer shorts. Covered in baby oil while posing seductively in a locker room, seemingly after playing a sweaty and homoerotic game of football, Italian football stars Fabio Cannavaro, Gennaro Gattuso, and Andrea Pirlo posed for the now infamous photos. Is there a sexier man in football than Andrea Pirlo? Not only we were blessed with some of the sleekest football the game has ever seen but looking like that at the same time is unbelievably unfair. Just when you think this campaign couldn't get better we get Italy's favourite bad boy stripped to his boxers, known for his explosive and aggressive playing style Gennaro Gattuso shows off his bulky frame with pride - Forza Italia!

It turns out that putting the Italian national football team in nothing but their boxers and plastering them on every billboard they could find was a good strategy for D&G, who did very well off the back of the ad. Since then, similar football thirst-trap ads have been appearing around the time of the Euros and the World Cups, yet none can compare to the original.


Nicklas Bendnter 

A bit more of a controversial one... which is no surprise if you are familiar with Danish striker Nicklas "Lord" Bendtner. Anyone who is familiar with football knows what a character the Dane is, examples of his wild escapades include: claiming he is the greatest striker in the world, missing all kinds of easy chances and the infamous drunk taxi that resulted in Bendtner in the streets in his underwear. 

The Dane took his erratic behaviour to the pitch when he advertised “Paddy Power”, the Irish betting company, while playing at Euro 2012.
How? He wore boxer shorts with “Paddy Power” written in massive letters across the waistband, lifting his top up during play to reveal the ad written beneath his well-chiselled abs. Sadly, this kind of in-game marketing is against the UEFA rules, and he was fined heavily for advertising during play. Nonetheless, Paddy Power paid his fee and then some, getting a bunch of free publicity from good ol’ Nicklas. If there’s one place to advertise your company, it’s on the boxer briefs of a hunky footballer during play!

Nicklas Bendtner was never a particularly bad player but due to his off field antics and how highly he seemingly regarded himself he became far more well known as a meme than he ever was for being football player. Mix this in with the fact he is married to a Danish baroness the ironic "Lord Bendtner" title was given by sports fans online. 


Cristiano Ronaldo

After Becks left Armani to start his own underwear line, Armani was scrambling for sports stars they could get to fill in his shoes. Just like he followed in Becks footstep for the coveted number 7 Manchester United Strip Luckily, Cristiano Ronaldo stepped up like he was about to bang in one his signature free-kicks. Ronaldo who is known for his dramatic personality, his love of posing and well, himself was perfect to fill Becks' boots. Ronaldos vanity is no secret, with an old opponent Bruno Fernandes once famously said that when playing against CR7 he could not stop watching himself on the big screen inside the stadium, not something we can blame him for though. So when Armani came knocking we're sure Cristiano Ronaldo leaped at the opportunity like a ball in the box. 

Sporting skimpy boxer briefs, Cristiano’s Armani photoshoot was a little bit more effeminate than David’s… causing a little bit of ridicule for the supposedly “camp” poses, adding to the constant gay rumours that surround Ronaldo. Nonetheless, he looked scrumptious in his skimpy undies, and Armani did well off the back of it.


Floyd Mayweather

Again, someone who has never shied away from a bit of controversy, in fact Floyd Mayweather revels in it. Whether this be his ongoing feud with rapper 50 cent, calling out his exes and recently refusing to boycott Gucci after questionable designs. 

Back in 2017, Paddy Power decided to capitalise on their boxer shorts advertising gimmick once again, but this time with US boxing star Floyd Mayweather, who was receiving a lot of press attention at the time due to his infamous fight with Conor McGregor. Surprisingly, Paddy Power didn’t endorse their fellow Irishman, going with the American instead. Featuring the infamous “Paddy Power” waistband first sported by Nicklas, the boxer shorts were adorned with the words “always bet on black”, a play on words due to Mayweather’s African-American ethnicity. Paddy Power eventually ended up getting caught up in a lot of controversy for the stunt, but we’re sure they were laughing all the way to the bank!


Rafael Nadal 

When you think of sports stars who look good in their boxer shorts, your mind
probably turns to football, rugby, and sports which seemed more traditionally
aggressive and masculine. However, Rafael Nadal proved that tennis players can
turn heads too when he posed in saucy boxers for Armani a few years back.
The Spanish tennis player replaced Cristiano Ronaldo as the face (i.e. crotch) of
Emporio Armani, and let’s just say that we’re okay with it. Although a couple of his poses seem a bit… awkward, the sexy Spaniard’s boxer briefs got more than a few fashion fans hot under the collar when this promotional campaign was launched in 2011.


Ben Cohen

Known as somewhat of a gay icon, at least back in his day, Ben Cohen is a former England rugby player who was no stranger to getting his kit off once upon a time.
Back in 2001, Cohen posed for underwear company Sloggi, a brand which designs boxer briefs and underwear designed to be comfortable and easy to move around in. Sporting his Sloggi boxer shorts, his rugby ball, that stocky build, and bear-esque chest hair, Cohen sure helped to boost Sloggi’s popularity alongside some of his
fellow rugby sports stars. Still, none of them compare to Ben and his impressive


Christy G
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Jeff Brazier shows his PENIS during SAS who dares wins

Jeff Brazier shows his PENIS during SAS who dares wins

SAS: Who Dares Wins is arguably one of the best midweek television programmes that has been on in recent years. The shows format follows 5 ex-special forces recreate the infamous SAS secret selection process which they put 30 people through. It is the ultimate test of both physical and psychological strength - and an extremely entertaining watch! Tasks range from assault courses, extreme weather expeditions and intense 24 hour tasks.

So naturally, like the majority of successful TV programmes there just has to be a celebrity version. When enlisting an exciting roster for a celebrity special there's one man who has done all the major ones and we're still not sick of him - an amazing feat really. Of course, we're talking about cheeky chappy and blonde bombshell Jeff Brazier. Brazier has featured in TV shows such Dancing on Ice, Celebrity Total Wipeout and Tipping Point: Lucky Stars but it was the long-lasting Shipwrecked that shot Brazier to stardom in 2001. The public automatically found an affinity for Essex boy (way before TOWIE) and it was from then that Brazier became a star. 



Brazier then went on to develop a relationship with former TV star Jade Goodie which he had two boys with. Jade Goodie unfortunately passed away in 2009 making Brazier a single father, a task we would wish upon no one but Brazier rose to the challenge as seen as TV show Superdaddy where we somehow fell further in love with the super-dad. 

So here we are in 2019 and Brazier is currently featuring in SAS: Who Dares Wins alongside reality stars such as MIC's Sam Thompson and Loose Women's Andrea McLean. They have been set through some painful, strenuous and heart-wrenching tasks. With all the entertaining things that have happened so far our favourite by far is Jeff Brazier showing his Penis.

After an extremely muddy excursion the team were washing off and preparing for their next task when Brazier openly admits that "Guys, sorry, I'm gonna have to get my c*ck out" fine by us, Jeff.



I mean, mentioning it alone is enough to have our minds wandering and our hearts racing but actually seeing it? take us now. We see the 39 year old in all his glory running through the barracks with his tail out and we for one absolutely loved it.



 The blonde hunk saw the funny side of the situation on social media by tweeting "When they said you’ll have to bare everything on #SASWhoDaresWins I thought they meant vulnerability and pain. Little did I know they’d be showing that. #Shrivel" Well we thought the ex-pro footballer looked fantastic.

Christy G
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Game of Thrones Ramsay Bolton Naked - 4 Times Iwan Rheon got naked on camera

Game of Thrones Ramsay Bolton Naked - 4 Times Iwan Rheon got naked on camera

Iwan Rheon is a Welsh actor, singer and musician born in the town of Camarthen on the 13th of May 1985. Rheon attened Welsh school Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf where he started acting in drama productions at age 17. Within a year he was spotted by scouts at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. 

17 really was a very good year for Iwan as he was also cast in the Welsh language drama Pobol Y Cwm (basically a Welsh Coronation Street) and starred in the soap opera for a two years respectively. Although the handsome Welshman had a solid little acting career going already along with music on the side - which you can find on Spotify, it was 2009 when things started blowing up majorly for Rheon. Iwan was cast as Simon Bellamy in the BAFTA-winning E4 series Misfits, a character who let's be serious was very odd. Although the characters social deficiencies Simon had the super powers of being invisible and provided a lot of the shows humour making Iwan Rheon a very popular with the audience becoming quite the heartthrob. He also earns extra points with us for shaming his local council for not flying the LGBT flag during Welsh Pride last year.

Then it happened, the role we all know and possibly fear this man for... Ramsay Bolton. We're absolutely certain that in 2019 we don't have tell you what Game of Thrones is and how huge the HBO series is. Iwan Rheon features in the global mega hit as easily one of the most evil characters not only in the show but in television history. If this was a character was portrayed by any other man we would want him off our screens instantaneously but with someone as handsome as Rheon playing him we struggle to hold a serious grudge. 

Naturally, when a handsome man lands such big roles we are often gifted to the odd naked performance. Iwan Rheon is no different... although he is no with us in GOT in honour of the new and last ever series we are giving you the top 4 times Iwan has been naked on camera


Okay, we'll start with some of the Welshmans more obscure work, that isn't too say it isn't worth watching though as other than being a really good horror television programme but it's main attraction is definitely Rheons chiselled torso. Seriously, what is it with ripped welsh actors!? We are gifted to Rheon strutting his stuff in just a pair of boxers revealing an athletic build that had our jaws on the floor. 


 In the science fiction supernatural horror mini-series the actor plays the boyfriend of main character Jennifer who is recently dealing with paranormal events occurring after an explosion at a new years party. May sound bad enough but surely having that hunk as a boyfriend makes it all better right?


Our Girl

Most would have watched this show to thirst over former coronation street beauty Michelle Keegan, but we had a different agenda; Mr Rheon. Although very popular, in the off chance that you haven't seen the BBC drama the show follows Michelle Keegans character joining the army after deciding her career is going nowhere in the civilian world. Upon joining the army she realises that old flame Jonas 9played by Rheon) is actually in the same unit as her. We wouldn't be complaining!


The Rise

 The Rise is a 2012 British Crime Thriller about a lad who leaves prison and plans to rob a bank, the real thriller is really Rheon topless though. Those abs, those shoulders and that thick hair you just want to touch- or grab. In the film Iwan Rheon plays hard man Dempsey and we can't get enough of the chiseldd hunk playing a proper lads-lad.



Game Of Thrones


Now the big one, the one where we all fell in love with and simultaneously hated this man. Iwan Rheon portrays the evil character of Ramsay Bolton, the bastard son Roose Bolton who's sole intent is to capture and become king of the North. Ramsay manages to kill, torture and abuse all those who get in the way eventually killing his own father, step mother and step brother in order to not be dethroned. You'd be very hard pressed to find such a despicable character throughout the history of television... but we absolutely love him?

The best thing about such a hot star as Rheon being in Game Of Thrones is that it means he get's naked, which he does, and we loved every second we were blessed with. During a passionate sex scene with his lover Myranda,  we are treated to that athletic body that we have seen before but this time we get his peachy rear too. Even if you have no interest in GOT whatsoever it's one hundred-percent worth it just for this scene where we get to observe the chiseled welsh adonis in all his glory. 


So if you have a couple of hours free and particularly missing the Welshmans' handsome face and athletic body whilst watching the latest series of Game Of Thrones get these on and enjoy all of what Iwan Rheon has to offer!




Christy G
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6 hottest GOT men

6 hottest GOT men

The hottest men in Westeros from seasons one to eight.
Christy G
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8 Times One Direction Liam Payne's Body Made Us Stare!

8 Times One Direction Liam Payne's Body Made Us Stare!

Back in 2008 we saw a fresh-faced Liam Payne audition for the X Factor for first time, the young singer made it to judges houses, where Simon advised he audition again in 2 year’s time and sent him home. 2 years later the young hopeful did just that, little did he know he would be entered into the biggest boy band and go onto take the world by storm. Flash forward 11 years later and a mature Liam is now ripped and shredded AF, a father to his son Bear and dated a string of very popular women. Let’s just say he is living his best life well and truly. 

Whilst browsing the One Direction singers Instagram, we couldn't help be drawn in by the numerous topless pics he posts. If we had your body Liam, we would do the exact same. 

Here is our top 8 topless Instagram pictures of the star....

Loving his life in the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in rural California. The heartthrob posed completely topless on the side of a road wearing only baggy sport shorts with his boxer waistline showing and white trainers. After uploading this image with his 17.3 million Instagram followers, it caught the eye of model Winnie Harlow, who double tapped that and gave this ripped torso a 'like.'



Living the high life once again, Liam took a dip into the pool whilst in Dubai and adventured onto the water park at the Atlantis Hotel. Looking ripped as ever, dripping wet in from what we can see maroon coloured swimming shorts, he asked, "Have you ever tried getting onto one of these things? 🤷🏻‍♂"  



Back in September, Liam posted this cheeky image on his Instagram celebrating his 25th birthday. No other way to celebrate than topless, shades on, wearing red swimming shorts with a cute animal cake. We thought originally this may have been for his little son, Bear, however turns out it was for himself, we say you’re never too old for a cute cake. 


 Liam showed Cheryl what she is missing with this moody pic, which was taken during a photoshoot with photographer Greg Wilson. The star shared 3 colourless images with his Instagram followers from the same shoot. This was by far our fave though, topless for the win - always!


Posing for fan at Virgin Radio, Liam tensed his chiselled six pack and tattooed arms, wearing some Emporio Armani boxers and jeans whilst photos got taken. A look which we think would be much better wearing a pair of BOX undies. 


Our 7th favourite picture of the hunk is this cute candid photo of the star lounging on his bed wearing nothing but comfortable sport shorts and a beaming smile. His 6 pack tensed with the laughter and looking 🔥!

We obviously knew the star loved to work out, judging by his outstanding physique, however we were shocked to see that it is yoga he enjoys. Here the 'What Makes You Beautiful' hit maker exercises in a pair of Nike black sport shorts, showing us how its done with his super toned body. 

Christy G
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Sexy Box Boy Model - Jared Berndt with Pictures

Sexy Box Boy Model - Jared Berndt with Pictures

Hi Jared and thanks for agreeing to do a Box Boy chat.

We've posted you on the Box Menswear Instagram a few times and you're always really popular, so would you start off by telling us a bit about yourself? 
Hello! Well, I'm Jared Berndt, born and raised in Worthing, West Sussex, UK, lived in Cape Town, South Africa for 9 years and decided to leave my family and move back to Worthing at the end of last year. I’m a Personal Trainer who’s trying to build my Social media and modelling up to be established enough to do it full-time. 
Sweet, so you've got a mixed accent we're guessing! Tell us a bit about your background as a person and how you've ended up with a social media following? 
I don’t come from a family of money and that’s what constantly drives me to be successful and being able to support me Mum, Dad and Sister. This drive is shown through everything i do and that’s what i guess built my name up on social media.
That's really nice Jared mate. What would you say has been your biggest achievement in life to date and why?!

Leaving my family and moving back to England on my own, fending for myself at 19 years of age.

Jeepers you're only 19! Wow. Well then, what's your full time job? 
Personal Trainer at The Gym Group in Worthing, come and find me! ;)
Oh so we can hire you by the hour then ;) just playing. If this wasn't your job, what would have been your dream job? 

I’d love to be a boxer, but got into it late in life.

Well, we're glad you kept your good looks that's for sure! Here's a quick question for you, give us three people that you admire! 
Kyle Beaumont 
Michael B. Jordan 
Jack Fowler 
Ah nice to see our mate and fellow Box Boy Jack Fowler creeping in there. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? Do you have any specific goals in life that you'd like to achieve? 
A household name known throughout the world. I’d love to have my own car, house and successful business.
Sounds good, so you're someone we need to watch then! Let's have a look at a picture, what's your favourite ever photo of yourself? 
See Through Underwear On Model in Bath
So you're clean as well as sexy! We're guessing that hand fell over your bulge because your boxers went a bit see through! Right then, we know you're best photo, but what's the favourite 1 item of clothing you own? 
Male Model T-shirt
Nice, it's a go with anything top! Right, Jared, tell us what you do to unwind mate. 
Go to the gym. That's my type of bar!
What was your first job? How did you get it and how long did it last? 
Social Media Marketing Intern straight from high school. I try make connections everywhere I go and this one paid off for me. It was a 4 month internship. 
Tell me something that can make you smile ear to ear? 
A text from my Mum, Dad or Sister.
On the flip side of that, what can really wind you up and get under your skin? 
Entitled people or entitlement!
If you could party with any celeb who would it be and why? 
Jack Fowler, wanna sesh london or manny with my guy.
Now we're gonna have a few people asking us what sesh means! So, could you show us a photo that you really like of yourself? 
Box Menswear Shirtless Mirror Selfie

Nice Box mirror selfie, and one that you used to like, but now wonder what on earth you were thinking! 

Male model closeup
Hahaha, ok we like both photos for different reasons. Important question, if you could appear on any TV show what would it be? 
Love Island!!!
Popular answer. What about your ideal night out? 
The gym! A night out in these ends are dead man!
Need to get yourself into London more! Any hobbies or interests? 
I can’t be serious about anything for longer than a minute.
What about a movie, what do you watch on the sofa? 
That Awkward Moment, shock i’ve got a soft side, this rom-com gets the eyes watering but also is jokes man, proper three lads who avoid love but all fall harder in the end. 
What's your favourite season of the year? 
Summer, Ibiza. say no more.
Any tattoos or piercings? 
Almost finished my sleeve, desperately want more and got a nose ring.
What's the favourite physical feature on your body? If you don't like any say one at least. 
My shoulders, nice and broad but everything else is still on it’s way.
What you say you send a text or prefer to call someone 
Phone Call.
North or South? 
From the South so stick to my ends but a night out and the birds up North are unreal!
Snapchat or Instagram? 
Naked or fully clothed? 
Boxers or briefs? 
Thanks Jared, one last question before we're finished, how would you describe Box Menswear in just 3 words? 
The Full Package.
Sam Rainbow
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Your Secret for 2019: 8 Awesome Trends in Men's Underwear

Your Secret for 2019: 8 Awesome Trends in Men's Underwear

Your Secret for 2019: 8 Awesome Trends in Men's Underwear

As much as you love playing with the latest fashion trends on the streets, you can do it in the sheets too. Check out these great trends in men's underwear.


Boxers or briefs? Many guys don’t think twice about their underwear purchase.

But the tighty whiteys and lucky boxers you wear has a lot to do with the health of your nether region — and what your partner thinks of your sex appeal.

Your underwear is more powerful than you think. Men’s underwear is designed to soak up sweat, protect your genitals, and some fabrics even prevent bad scents (your sexual partner will appreciate you wearing this type of underwear).

Create a new underwear wardrobe with these eight men’s underwear trends for 2019.

1. Prints

You see prints everywhere. From shirts to dresses and even to purses and shoes.

Now, prints are appearing on men’s underwear. Before you pick up the leopard print man-thong, your partner will get a bigger kick out of specific prints.

Start with geometric prints. This includes stripes, squares, and other unique designs. Try and find patterns with subtle colours, such as grey or navy.

Try to avoid boxers that have too loud of prints. This includes unique shapes and bright colours. These boxers are too bold and not something that’s spicy in the bedroom.

2. Classic White Boxers

As a guy, we’re sure you have plenty of these. And you’re in luck! The whitey tighties will never go out of style. White is classic — it looks attractive and won’t look terrible in case the underwear peaks out from under your pants.

Keep in mind, style is key when wearing plain white boxers. Boxer briefs are the most ideal option. They’re long enough to guarantee comfort but they’re protective to prevent chafing and other skin issues.

They’re also form-fitting, which is enough to catch attention from your partner.

For extra comfort, choose a stretchy material such as polyester or a cotton-spandex blend.

3. Silk

Are you a guy who loves taking a day to lay around the house with your partner?

If you and your partner love those clothing-optional days but at least want some support down there, silk boxers are seriously hot right now.

Silk is comfortable, soft, and loose. While silk boxers aren’t the best to wear under pants, they make perfect lay-around-the-house boxers.

Silk also provides other benefits.

Silk is a natural material free of chemicals. It’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t attract dust and resists dust and fungus. Silk helps lock in moisture so you don’t struggle with a dry pubic region while absorbing excess sweat.

4. Classic Boxers

Another classic staple is trending this year.

Boxers are the go-to for many guys. They’re comfortable, easy to slip on and come in many styles, colours and patterns. Boxers are also made with fun designs and colours.

Many guys also prefer boxers because of the mobility. They’re not too snug and offer plenty of room for your jewels.

There are some best practices when wearing boxers. Make sure you wear a belt.

Boxers are easily slip up or your pants can show off your boxers. A belt ensures your pants don’t move, keeping your boxers hidden.

The type of pants you wear also matter. Don’t wear your skinny jeans over boxers. Opt for loose pants or baggy shorts.

5. Athletic and Compression Boxers

We’re living in the age of health and fitness. More guys are hitting the gym and getting a good sweat session in. Should you wear your cotton boxers while at the gym?

Many men are preferring athletic and compression boxers and undergarments for their fitness time.

Athletic undergarments help tackle some of the issues men face during a workout. They help keep your pubic area dry. This helps prevent chafing, excess sweat, and unsatisfying scents.

Since they compress to your genitals, they’re mobile and protect your jewels during your workout. No matter if it’s leg or arm day, you’ll feel comfortable maneuvering around the gym.

6. Novelty Boxers

Funny and novelty boxers will always have their staple in men’s underwear. From silly phrases to nostalgic images, men can’t resist seeing their favourite cartoon characters on their boxers.

While many men have solid-coloured and simple boxers, it’s no surprise that all guys also love sporting their silly boxers.

There are best practices when wearing novelty boxers.

These shouldn’t be the first boxers you choose when on a first date or take home a new lover. After you become accustomed to your new partner, you’ll learn if they enjoy your underwear humour.

7. Luxury Briefs

More men are caring about their appearance and paying more attention to their wardrobe. Underwear is no exception. Which is why luxury underwear, specifically luxury briefs, are becoming a thing.

What makes one pair of underwear more luxurious than the other? The secret lies in the material. Underwear designers aren’t settling for basic fabrics such as cotton. Instead, they create new materials that boost elasticity and softness.

Do you want luxury boxers but aren’t willing to throw down a few hundred pounds for a pair? You can find a high-quality pair for as low as 10 pounds.

8. Neon

Bright underwear is taking the cake for men’s underwear colours, especially for the spring and summer. Neon underwear is famous for making a statement.

Whether you’re in the locker room or with your partner, the bright colours scream “look at me!” So don’t be afraid to find a stylish neon-coloured thong and surprise your partner during one of your fun evenings.

Which colours should you choose? All neon colours make great underwear colours.

But the specific colours trending include yellow, orange and green.

Are you more of a simple guy who wants to sport a pair of neon underwear?

Start with a pair of bright-coloured but classic boxers. For adding style, choose a pair with details such as a print.

Time to Shop for New Men’s Underwear!

From athletic boxers to crazy patterns, there are many hot men’s underwear trends in 2019.

If you’re on the lookout for the trendiest underwear, take a look at our selection.

Sam Rainbow
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