Whether you’re the type of guy who settles in for an early night at 9pm or the complete opposite who will crawl into bed at 3am there’s no contesting that what you wear at bedtime can make a real difference to what kind of nights sleep you get...

If you’re looking to be cool and comfortable in bed then you need the right PJ’s and might we suggest our 100% men’s bed shorts are the perfect choice. Forget a warm cup of milk before bed, what you need is a hot shower and then to slide on a lovely loose fitting organic cotton set of shorts which feel like pure luxury. 

It’s true that your blanket, pillow and all round sleep hygiene will make a difference, but as soon as your head hits the pillow you’ll feel a lot better if you’re wearing Box Menswear bed shorts. Whilst we can’t guarantee the perfect night's sleep it certainly won’t harm your odds of slipping off to the land of nod and serenity. 

Because sleep is so incredibly important we at Box spent the best part of a year refining the design of these shorts to get them spot on. It’s said we need 8 hours in the land of nod and at weekends providing you don’t work shifts it certainly doesn’t hurt to get even more than that. 

Warm Nights 

It really doesn’t make much difference if it’s warm summer nights or cold winter evenings, the great thing about these pajama shorts is that they either keep you cosy or cool. How do they do this? Well, because they’re totally breathable and that makes a huge difference. 

After all there’s no worse feeling than being hot in bed on a musty windless evening. It doesn’t help having the window open and the fan in the corner of your bedroom will only serve as an aid to keep you awake, so, if you want to avoid sweating you really need loose and baggy fitting bed shorts. 

We know the success rate in preventing sweaty balls amongst other body parts as we have sold a huge number of these Mens Shorts to warm cities, countries and states such as California, Florida, Texas, Arizona as well as Taiwan, Singapore and many more. Just to remind you when you order online with us we do offer delivery worldwide. 

The same can be said for baltic winter nights. Wrap up in a warm duvet and feel the extra soft fabric of your bottoms against your skin, it stops all sticking and rubbing too. 

If you live with a housemate, friends or even your parents these night time loungewear shorts will make a great cover if you need to pop to the bathroom for a pee or indeed the kitchen for a drink. 

At the same time as serving to cover up, there's no doubt whatsoever that these  around the home shorts for men are also sexy, really sexy. Because they’re so light weight any movement of your bulge inside the shorts is truly visible outside, so if the postman comes knocking he might get a surprise when you answer the door at the weekend. The garment glides so much that if you’re wearing a jockstrap underneath it’s likely to be visible. Just take a look at the models in the pictures, a fair bit of detail is on show. 

What makes these lounge shorts so incredibly comfortable aside from the superior quality cotton fabric, the cut and the overall finish is also a super wide 4.5cm waistband. This extra thick band is looser fitting and won’t cut into your sides at all. By increasing the width as we have you can choose to wear it higher to hide your waist, or lower below your hips. It’s a detail all too often overlooked in the pursuit to true comfort. 

If you’re looking for something a bit longer but retaining the comfort, perhaps the lounge leggings might be of interest. The blended fabric is the same as these boy's shorts but they’re longer and fitted. Great for around the flat and with branded Box Menswear cuffed ankles they also fit right the way down your legs. 

Size wise we have added the benefit of increasing the size range from Small to 2XL and even 3XL. Each size short encompasses 2 sizes so there’s a combined Small / Medium, next size up is Large / XL and finally 2XL+ which easily covers 3XL. Right now we offer melange grey as a colour with Black / Blackout soon to be added to the range in all sizes. 

An added and hidden benefit of the sizing in this way is these mens PJs make for an excellent present or gift for any man. If you’re thinking about a Christmas present perhaps then these shorts are an easy win and with the double sizing you’re all but guaranteed to get it right the first time. The shorts come wrapped in Box Menswear branded black paper tape around a brand first cardboard insert making them plastic free. It really is something that the recipient of this gift will be able to use over and over again.