No matter what type of jockstrap you want, at Box Menswear we’ve got you covered. We sell over 50 types of jockstraps online and offer shipping / delivery to any country worldwide...


Our collection of Jockstraps is huge and growing. We have a complete range of sizes including, extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, 2XL and in most lines 3XL. Those sizes cover waist from 26 inch to 46 inch and perhaps even greater. 


Lots of guys enjoy wearing a jockstrap under their shorts for playing sports or even at the gym, however, it’s undeniable that jocks are becoming ever more popular to wear with jeans, joggers, sweat pants and under a suit or work trousers. Why not wear a jockstrap every single day? They’re so comfortable and make you feel incredible. 

If you want to buy a jockstrap online, then you need to get it from Box Menswear. We have a whole range of styles including sexy, gay, sports, subtle, ribbed, crotched, transparent, sheer and our two most popular lines Suspender & Varsity Jockstraps, as well as associated items like mens G Strings and thongs. Worried about durability? Don’t be, our underwear is designed for everyday use, not a novelty product. Tested to its limits as long as you take note of the care instructions, these garments will last, keeping their colour and shape for years to come. 

New Designs

Here at Box we’ve designed and engineered some upgraded and updated styles of jockstrap. New variants that have been introduced include the Suspender jock. Upgrades released this year include Bounce, Flex, Ribbed and Crocheted fabrics. 

Colour wise, we offer the basics such as black, white, red and peach in classic styles. With the new and improved materials there’s even more colours to order with silver, cobalt, pink, grey and a striking bold blackout. 

There’s enough colours available to coordinate your outerwear, perhaps match your jock with your socks, tie or jacket. 

Originally an import from America, we sell jockstraps all around the world with the USA, UK, Germany and Ireland being some of our biggest buyers. The all American jock is now global. 

Engineered for Comfort

As soon as you try on any of our underwear you’ll be able to quite literally feel the advanced engineering and forward thinking design that’s been applied during development. 

So many men struggle needlessly with their underwear with problems like riding up, chafing, sweating and tight waistbands. If one of the above is a problem for you or your partner, then it’s time to upgrade to Box. 

One situation your jockstrap could change your whole experience is training in the gym. You’ll feel support like never before as your underwear actually cups your bulge, holding you comfortably in place instead of riding up your legs and becoming an irritation. Once the elastic straps sling under each of your bum cheeks, your strap is there to stay and protect your private parts perfectly. Next time you step on the treadmill, cross trainer or even attend a spinning class, consider a sports jockstrap and enjoy the structural support it can offer. 

Hot Day? Do not accept sweaty balls, in fact, don’t accept sweat south of the waist at all. Slip on a jock in the morning before you walk out the door and you’ll feel super breezy, almost like you’ve gone commando, except you will have the support of the underwear cup and thick waistband. With fabric blends of Nylon, Cotton (including bamboo cotton and organic cotton), Elastane and Lycra, a luxurious feel is guaranteed. Added benefit, by allowing air to circulate you’ll keep your bum and private parts dry which is recommended for good personal hygiene as moisture allows bacteria and other organisms to grow. 

At Box we design jockstraps to show and fit, because underwear should be both comfortable and sexy. We continually improve the overall customer reviews by making small adjustments to the waistband, pattern and fabrics. You really can’t compare a quality design from us with a cheap imitation from an online auction site. 

Gay Underwear

A common misconception is that jockstraps are exclusively worn by gay men, which is absolutely not the case. Whatever your sexuality it's your right to wear whatever underwear you choose. 

If you’re wearing a jockstrap for a date or in the bedroom, out for dinner, in a bar or even as a kink around the house, make sure it’s a top quality designer brand like Box Menswear. 

Perhaps you’re looking to be a bit cheeky, even in more ways than one. If you’re thinking about booking a gay cruise, visiting a Circuit or Papa party, off to Fire Island or just hitting one of London, Manchester, Liverpool, Miami, LA or New York’s gay clubs and want to flash a bit of underwear, then surely the bottom straps or waistband of a Box Menswear jockstrap is what you’ll want to choose. 

The great gift in living is giving and almost as good as buying a jockstrap for yourself, is buying one as a present for someone else. At Box Menswear we can giftwrap your order in a beautifully handcrafted presentation Box, so if you’re looking for a gift for him, boyfriend, or someone gay, why not consider one or more of these jockstraps. WIth next day delivery options available in the UK, the jock can be in your hands and around your waist at the click of a button.