“Club Tropicana drinks are free!” That’s how George Michael sang it anyway as he sat on the edge of a swimming pool wearing nothing but his sunnies and a pair of white speedo swimming trunks. When you imagine a postcard picture holiday it surely involves sun, sea, sand, sangria and a hunky man wearing a pair of swimming trunks...

Is there any better feeling on a sunkissed day than taking your clothes off next to some turquoise blue water, laying down on a sunlounger in your comfortable trunks. Sun protection in one hand and a Pina Colada cocktail in the other because you’re on holiday at home or abroad. Picture yourself now in a scene taken straight from The Wolf of Wall Street cruising the Mederterian in a yacht, or another Leonardo DiCaprio classic Catch Me If You Can all lined up on the tiles, laying atop of your beach towel bronzing in the midday sun. 


What’s most important when you’re relaxing is feeling comfortable and there’s no better way to do that than wearing some beach or pool trunks that are guaranteed comfort. Box Menswear swimwear has the softest netted interior which feels like silk against your sensitive parts. The net stops any wet material from sticking and any sand rubbing. Even better, whilst our swimmers may well be small in size, we stock sizes online including Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and 2XL. We also have one more size up in 3XL for some of our swimming shorts

Like the stretch? We spend years designing these swimming trunks to look and feel 100% the best, because when it comes to your holiday outfit, this is it, all of it. Our tailed Spandex & Lycra materials have a unique four way stretch meaning no matter where you need more or less space inside those trunks, they will fit perfectly. 

You’ve seen the guys who always seem to wear perfectly fitting swimming trunks walking down Playa Des Anglais in Gran Canaria right? Chances are they’re wearing Box Menswear. The trunks we sell have an elasticated waistband and rope tie allowing for adjustment wherever you need. With an understated and colour complimenting silicone logo placed in the front right hand corner, anyone who looks will know you’re dressed to impress. Some guys want to be cheeky and show a bit of bum on the beach and you can’t do that without your trunks on, or can you?!

Whether outside on the beach in the scorching heat or in the hottest of jacuzzis one thing is for sure, these swimming trunks won’t rub and won’t cause you to sweat. The netted interior allows you to slide inside without any issues. 

If you’re someone who tans easily or goes straight to burnt we’ve got a colour to match one or all of your skin tones. Box Menswear swimming trunks were produced with an eye to all occasions be it Gay Pride in Fort Lauderdale, a hot spring at a ski resort or poolside at a 5* All Inclusive holidays, so colour wise we offer Soft Yellow, Powder Pink, Jet Black, Bright White, Chicago Green, the two reds being Burgundy and Lifeguard Red and finally the two blues being Beach Blue and Baby Blue. All colours are also available in high cut short swim shorts. If you’re thinking of Daniel Craig as James Bond slipping out of the crashing waves and walking up the shore line to the beach, then it’s baby blue for you. 

If you’re cramming last minute to try and sort your holiday wardrobe or planning ahead for next year you should be considering buying some swimming trunks online now. Designed in the UK and shipped worldwide, our trunks are especially popular in the USA as well as France, Germany, Italy and Spain, not to mention the four countries of the United Kingdom. Just in case you are heading to the airport tomorrow, if you order online from Box, in some countries we do offer next day delivery. 

If you’re thinking even further ahead, or perhaps you’ve got a vacation planned with someone special or another occasion, then why don’t you consider giving a pair or two of our swimming trunks for men to him as a present? They’re so well priced and far from overly expensive like some other brands and we guarantee they’ll be better use than a bottle of wine! It could be the best gift he gets this year. 

Please don’t let our reasonable prices fool you, Box swim line including sportswear and loungewear as well is the highest level of quality. Handmade with an eye to detail, everything down to the fabric dye has been poured over to ensure the finished product can stand up against any high end brands swimwear and easily hold its own. 

Bondi Beach or Brighton Pavillion, Las Vegas Pool Party or Tooting Bec Lido; it really doesn’t matter the where, simply the what. Start your trip or event the right way with a pair of men’s Box Menswear swimming trunks, and the rest will surely follow suit.