Braydon Ifould

Favourite Underwear: Briefs
Nationality/Hometown: Perth, Australia
If you are familiar with our brand, you will know exactly who Braydan is. Braydan is our resident Aussie walking Ken Doll who whenever we post our followers go mad for. Slim yet incredibly shredded and hung, Braydan really does look like he’s been sculpted, his unique physique has gained him plenty of deserved recognition on social media.

Braydans content really reflects his playful and fun personality yet remains incredibly sexy no matter what he does. We first posted Braydan back in the summer of 2019 and our notifications went CRAZY, so when it came to organising our influence trip to Texas he was one of the first on our list. On the trip our decision certainly paid off as the tatted hunk drove fans crazy the way he filled our underwear with his large bulge.

Braydan Ifould is a must follow for any fan of insta hunks and is definitely a model we cannot wait to link up with again and create exciting content for you all to see.