Carlos Effort

Favourite Underwear: Boxers
Nationality/Hometown: Spain
Ever wondered what Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe would look like if he was a sexy Spaniaerd who just hated wearing clothes and had an extra raunchy OnlyFans profile? Probably not, but now we’ve given you the idea we bet that’s changed. Other than looking like the actor the whole world has had a crush on since they were of age Carlos has the body of an olympian and smoulder that could win over the most frigid of us and a cheeky demeanour that keeps us looking forward to his next post. 
Carlos first linked up with us here at Box on our trip to Texas in the fall of 2019 and we (and you too, we’re sure) have loved him ever since! Carlos was the provider of comic relief in Texas with his cheeky smile and raunchy antics and we can certainly see why social media users are abuzz at his frequent updates and sexy adventures. 
If you are reading this we are almost certain you are aware of Carlos Effort and if you haven’t you definitely will have seen him feature in your favourite Onlyfans users video before. Carlos is one of the biggest and most exciting accounts on social media and is an absolute essential follow. We will be working very closely with Carlos in the next few years so keep an eye out, you won’t want to miss out. 
Carlos spent some time with our other fan favourite model Alex- Zcee, captured here on an authentic farm in Austin, Texas.