Dan Shoneye

Favourite Underwear: All
Nationality/Hometown: London, UK
Daniel Shoneye is a true OG of the male model game and an early pioneer of the IG model scene. If you don’t already know (where have you been?) Daniel is absolutely sculpted -you could workout on the strictest diet and hardest workout regiment but unfortunately you just wouldn’t be able to get the shredded godlike physique that Shoneye possesses. He has one of the friendliest smiles with a personality to match. 
Daniel has been training seriously since he was 23 (it’s never too late) from doing workouts in his bedroom, to training to become a personal trainer to then becoming one of social medias most well recognised faces… and bulges. 
Dan is one of the most exciting models we have had recently as he joined us on our prolific and star studded Texas trip. Dan is most known for having an insane body, cheeky smile and a polite and positive manner that would win any of us over!