Dan Soar

Favourite Underwear: Boxers
Nationality/Hometown: Chesterfield, UK
It’s safe to say that the first thing you notice about Dan Soar is his plethora of tattoos starting from his ankles to his head. Although this could be perceived as intimidating to some, all you have to do is get chatting to Dan to realise he is one of the most friendly and approachable guys you could ever meet. The boy can talk for England! 
Besides the extensive body art Danny has the most piercing blue husky eyes, bleached blonde hair and if you caught him on a day where he happens to be wearing clothes you will notice he is an extremely well dressed man also. These components are the reason why he is such a big hit on IG and an in demand underwear, fashion and alternative model. 
Outside of his modelling career he has featured on TV not once, but twice! Making incredibly entertaining appearances with his ex on Channel 5’s One Night With My Ex and a hilarious episode of MTV’s Just Tattoo Of Us alongside his sister. Fun fact - before he started out being an Instagram model he was in the navy! In his down time he enjoys riding his motorbike, spending time with the family and his dog.