<b>Zach Beech</b>

Zach Beech

Favourite Underwear: Jockstraps in public 😜
Nationality/Hometown: Nevada, USA


Living in the extravagant and luxurious deserts of Nevada, Zach is not one to shy away from the lavish lifestyle of the Las Vegas Strip. 

With his chiselled physique and blonde locks, Zach is always camera ready and will never shy away from having a snapshot, doing it all for the 'Gram. 

Massively into his travel and fitness, if you follow Zach on any of his social platforms, you'll very rarely see him in the same place for long, and he'll never forget his Box essentials for his travels.

Zach is a huge fan of our loungewear and sportswear, so he is ready for a workout whatever he is wearing. He also loves to wear a jockstrap in public, and we wouldn't mind bumping into him on our daily walks.