For The Love Of Jocks - 7 Reasons Why Men Wear Jockstraps

Box model in jock strap

Box model showing us his white bits


Jockstraps are no new thing, not by a long shot (hello sporting reference #1!). A jockstrap, or jockey strap, or athletic undergarment, or groin guard (no joke), has been around since the 19th century, making its commercial debut in the USA as far back as 1874.


The point of the jockstrap was initially to prevent butt chafing for bicycle riding messengers in years gone by. Clearly back in the day you needed a little air in your undercarriage when you were strapped in the saddle all day.


In more recent times though, jocks are used for a variety of reasons. From sports to sex to recreation... let’s take a look at why you need to have one:



Cricket – Anyone who’s ever played cricket, either at school or when they were older will know that it’s not the most fast paced of sports. The ball changes all that seeing as it’s made of hard wood covered in leather and travels deceptively fast. Helmets are now required as that’s a ball you DON’T want in your face. Like-wise you can sustain serious injury if it flies at speed into you package. All cricketers therefore wear a jock, with a box fitted in the front pouch for protection.


Box model in blue jocks

Full frontal, thick thighs and a blue jock to match


Rugby – Unlike cricket, rugby is a contact sport. It can lead to serious head injuries as tackles are hard and the scrum can be brutal. Due to the very hands on nature of the game, jocks with cups are not only advised, they are essential. One errant fist, boot, head or ball in the bollocks and you’re looking at a hospital visit and untold pain.


Gym – Weightlifting is one of the main uses for a jockstrap as it can create a lot of strain in the groin area. Hernia’s are a common occurrence for heavy weight lifters which is what jocks and weigh belts are there to protect the wearer. As for your usual gym goer, it’s nice not to have a sweaty arse crack and a VPL (visible penis line) peeping through you shorts or meggings adds a little spice to your work out.


 box model from behind

Getting a bit cheeky in a black jockstrap


Athletics – Other than keeping a box in place, a jockstrap also keeps your junk from flying about. There are a variety of different disciplines and most of them involve a lot of juggling about. How are you supposed to concentrate on your time when your cock and balls and flying in different directions? Athletes wear a jock not only to keep their ass from sweating too much but also to keep their bulge secure.


Sex – A jock is almost a must have when it comes to gay sex these days. Whether you’re a bottom that wants to sniff a sweaty, bulging jock or you’re a bottom that wants to present easy access, a jock is a prerequisite these days. Is it even a kink or just an essential part of a normal sex-life? You’d best have one in your top drawer just in case, even if you just need to take a pic or yourself in it on request. While it’s traditional to wash one’s underwear, it’s definitely a kink that some guys don’t ever wash their jocks.


box model in blue and black jock

Look, they're stretchy too if you wanted to use your hands...or teeth


American Football/Ice Hockey – More contact sports that require the usage of a jock and cup. High school lads in the USA that played sports would all have their own jockstraps. Indeed, the term ‘jock’ is derived from the fact that they are all required to wear them. Both hockey and football players wear a lot of protective clothing but a box in a jockstrap is almost as vital as a helmet.


Dancing – Do we mean just plain old getting your groove on or exotic/erotic dancing? We say both. Either way, when you’re chucking out moves to Cardi B's WAP like you’re TikTok’s finest, you don’t want to much jiggle and chafage. Also, dancing in a jock in the club, you can purposely let your jeans hang low so the guys know what you’re all about. It’s the gay equivalent women hiking up their g-string over their jeans to drive the lads wild like it’s 2005.

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