21 Year Old British Model JC In Mesh Boxer Briefs

Blond Twink JC Displays His Mega Bulge in All Over Mesh Briefs

Gay Mesh Boxer Briefs

When it comes to blond boys there's a few to pick from, Max Wyatt, Paul Cassiday, Elio Chalamet (even if it is bleached) and now JC aka Juicy JC! 

The direct to OnlyFans model is in the top 0.5% of ALL exhibitionists worldwide on the adult performer platform and it's easy to see why. 

Who Is JC?

If you want to get to know JC better you've got two routes to go down. First is his Twitter here, alternatively you could go to his premium private page right here, it's a lot like his twitter except it features more erections and a lot of cum. 

Box Menswear Mesh Gay Underwear

Image above gives just a glimpse of the type of content on display via JC's OnlyFans profile. Sitting on the floor with his legs wide open it clear to see JC's soft yet huge penis sitting on top of equally gigantic balls. 

JC doesn't give too much of his private life away. His accent lets us know he's from the South of England and from social media we know he lives with fellow OF hunk Hung Harry, but aside from those small details the hardbodied boy is a bit of mystery. 

Gay Compression Leggings

More Pictures? See below...

We recently had JC in our studio with photographer Alex Wightman. Whilst not all of the images have been released yet we do have a few briefs of JC's jockstrap bound smooth bum for you. 

Gay Twink Jockstrap

Picture above shows our blond Twink sporting fresh faded and floppy hair as he knees half on the floor and half on a Chesterfield sofa, presumably looking for the remote. That hairless bubble butt is a real treat being just about held together by the Box Jockstrap Straps. 

Sheer mens underwear

If Mesh isn't your thing, but you still more than a preview of what's underneath then take a look at Juicy wearing these Box Menswear defined crotch hipster briefs. Not that he needs it but these briefs are designed to be bulge enhancing, does it work? 


If you do want to see more of JC his Only Fans really is a treat to behold, and short of spending hours looking for a leaked nude save yourself the time and go checkout the goods here

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