5 Things that mean you are Wearing your Underwear Wrong

Everyone's wardrobe is incomplete without underwear. And, as we all know, you probably don't give your underwear the same attention as your outfits. Do you realise, though, that being less concerned about your underwear puts that area of your body at risk? Wearing incorrect underwear might make you more susceptible to illness. Underwear isn't given much thought. With that in mind, there are a few basic guidelines to follow when it comes to men's health and underwear. Also, stay away from these 5 indicators that you're wearing your underpants incorrectly.

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1. Putting on undies before going to bed:

How many times have you gone to bed in your underwear because you were too tired? Well, we've all done it, but it appears that we've been putting ourselves in danger all along by engaging in such activity. It may appear to be a nice habit, but studies reveal that it is not a healthy practice in terms of hygiene. Even in the winter, our bodies sweat a lot. This causes serious hygiene problems due to the excessive growth of germs, which leads to foul odours and skin problems. Sleeping without underwear is a question of personal taste, but from the standpoint of breathing and airing things out, you should do so. Why not try some of Box Menswear's latest Pyjamas release, for a comfortable and long night sleep.

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2. Does the fabric make a difference?

Yes, that is the answer. The significance of understanding what you're wearing cannot be overstated. Your underwear's fabric may have an effect on your health. Health doctors advised wearing new, clean, well-fitting cotton underwear to enable circulation and soak what can be an infection stimulant. Moisture-wicking fabric is becoming more popular among outdoor athletes, especially in the winter. Cotton underwear may not seem appealing, but it is the best and healthiest option. If you have to wear synthetic fabric underwear, go for a pair with a cotton-lined bottom. During lengthy days, wicking underwear can help minimise moisture in your neither areas. Remember that what begins as jock itching frequently leads to infections. Men's underwear made of naturally moisture-wicking fabrics like micro modal is a good choice. These airy materials allow your privates to breathe more freely. 

3. Putting on the wrong size:

Wearing ill-fitting undergarments may be a misery. Tighter underwear can cause friction by cutting into your skin, while looser underwear can be disastrous, especially when wearing figure-hugging clothing. Many men have embarrassing situations in public due to their tight underwear.  That area requires air, and enabling it to do so keeps it dry and clean. You may give it a week to see what a difference it makes and what health advantages it provides. However, your underwear should not be excessively loose because it will not serve any function. Well-fitting underwear set not only enhances your overall body image, but it also helps you feel more confident.

 4. You haven't updated your underwear drawer in a while. 

Most guys will not purchase new underwear unless the holes are larger than the underwear. As comfortable as worn-out underwear may feel, the allure of a good pair of underwear suggests better financial health. If you haven't bought a new pair of underwear in a while, you'd best get shopping before the pain sets in. You know it, even if the rest of the world doesn't. Under your pricey suit, a new pair of good-quality undies will help you project comfort. You should replace your underpants every six months at the absolute minimum.


5. The underwear you have no longer suits your personal style. 

Ok, so not necessarily a biggie, but we think it is just as important. For you to feel your most sexy, confidence self, you need to be wearing underwear that you feel comfortable in.  Your underwear drawer is full to the brim of undies, but there isn't a go-to pair that you can't live without. Sound familiar? Then it's time for a revamp. Lucky for you, Box Menswear has one of the biggest ranges of underwear we have ever seen! So whether your personal style is Boxers, Briefs, Trunks or something Sexy, you have come to the right place. Take a browse and get out with the old and in with the NEW!  


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Make sure your underwear is clean, dry, and odour-free. You will struggle throughout the day if you don't feel comfortable in your confidantes while you wear them, irrespective of how pricey your ensemble is. Wearing your underpants a second day is OK if your skin is clean, as long as you're not breaking a sweat. but it is always a good idea to invest in a pair of high-quality, comfy undies!


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