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Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 8 years you will know that the biggest thing on TV right now is Game Of Thrones. Based off the George RR Martin fantasy novels of the same name, the series has had viewers all over the world obsessing over the shows amazing plots, heart racing action sequences and raunchy sex scenes. Without getting too into the complicated plot the show essentially follows several families (or houses) in the mythical kingdom of Westeros trying their best to sit on the coveted Iron Throne which would make them ruler - with plenty of blood, sex and shocking moments along the way. 


Naturally, as in any huge television show there are plenty of cast members that have our eyes locked and jaws dropped. So imagine that, but tripled as the cast of the game of thrones is so massive there really is something for all of us. In honour of the final series that commenced in the early hours of Monday morning we are looking back at the last 8 seasons and whittling down the six guys that had our jaws on the floor, yes there are some SPOILERS ahead but let's begin...


Jason Momoa - Khal Drago

The role that made the Hawaiian demi-god a household name, Jason Momoa is what many men and women believe is what a man should be; tall, muscly, dark and bearded. With his mountain like stature, olive skin, amazing hair and piercing green eyes Momoa fit the role of Khal Drogo like a glove. Khal Drogo is the leader of warrior tribe The Dothraki so it's only appropriate that the absolute mountain of a man was cast for this role.

Although we were only graced with the Khals beastly presence for one series we got to see plenty of his wild and masculine escapades such as battles, giving orders and a particular hot scene with co-star and on screen wife Emilia Clarke. We know he's gone and the final series has been filmed but is it too much to ask for a spin off series? We can't get enough of Khal Drogo.

Fortunately, the success of GOT and and the popularity of his character has led to the Hawaii-native to land some major roles on both the small and big screen most notably DC Comics' Aquaman where he played the eponymous superhero. Critics raved over the film and quite frankly so did the vast majority of us, I mean watching this adonis swim for two hours? sequel pls. Other notable work that you should watch (totally for the cinematography) are Conan The Barbarian, Braven and Road To Paloma. 



Richard Madden - Robb Stark 

Chances are if you haven't seen Game Of Thrones you know this heart throb from the gripping BBC drama Bodyguard and it's also likely that when watching that the intense plot wasn't the only reason you couldn't take your eyes off the screen. The 32 year old scotsman has become a very popular man lately due to his square jaw, soft blue eyes and luscious locks that boast a hairline many men of his age group would envy. 

Like Khal Drogo, Robb Stark was a character we lost far too early as not only was he nice to have on our screens week in and week out but his character was pretty cool too. After the death of his father in the first series Robb gets the coveted title of "King Of The North"


Look at that smoulder! How were we only allowed to gaze at this absolute adonis for just three series? totally unfair. Robb Stark was one of our favourite characters in a series full of cold , calculated and evil characters he was a brave and warm-hearted leader who wore his emotions on his sleeve. What a man! Unfortunately though his emotional decisions led to his and the majority of his loved ones death. If you haven't heard about "that episode" we suggest you don't watch it if you are the feint of heart. It's not all bad news though as like his co-star Jason Momoa being in the HBO series has seen his career propel therefore he is all screens again. Notable works include; Bodyguard, Lady Chatterly's Lover and will star in the upcoming Elton John film "Rocketman".


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - Jaime Lannister 

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, the great dane. Although his character isn't exactly the nicest of guys (pushing boys from tower windows) and his love life is problematic to say the least... we can't stop watching. Pretty much from his introduction we are pretty much led to hate the guy as he comes off extremely arrogant, sleeps with his sister and cripples a ten year old Bran Stark and that's literally all in one episode. From the get go we hate the guy and assume this is the worst man that will feature in the show... boy were we wrong, in fact he doesn't even fit into this list of 25 worst characters


Look at this man and tell me that isn't what you envision when someone mentions prince charming. We would literally let this man either save us in a tower or kick us from the top of it either way. Although Jaime to his core is not a nice man and even at his most evil he is still so sexy, he is the king slayer after all but throughout the series we start to see a different side to Jaime and dare we say it even feel sorry for him at some points. Fortunately for us he is one of the rare characters who has actually survived until the the final series (some feat considering 174, 373 on screen deaths have been recorded so far) so we get to see plenty more of our favourite king killer. 

With his chiseled nordic feature and blonde locks Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was perfect for this role as the Lannister boy we love to hate and hate to love as we struggle to fully hate any man that looks this good. Outside of GOT Coster-Waldau isn't in too much but we're fine as we appreciate every day that Jaime is still with us; for now. You can actually catch him in the new L'oreal Menexpert adverts though so what's the actual point of turning the TV off now?

Jacob Anderson - Grey Worm 

The name Grey Worm isn't exactly very appealing, but trust us, Jacob Anderson is. Anderson is yet to become a household name but if you look at the previous entries track record it's only a matter of time until we're blessed with more of him on our screens. Jacob Anderson as series 8 is a 28 year old Bristolian who alongside the HBO series has starred in the first few seasons of the critically-acclaimed ITV series Broadchurch. That isn't it though though, no, in fact Jacob Anderson is actually successful UK Rapper Raleigh Ritchie. Get you a man who can do both we suppose!

Andersons character Grey Worm is the leader of the unsullied. To those completely unfamiliar with Game Of Thrones this basically means that Grey Worm is the leader of eunuch slave soldiers that are freed by Daenerys in the later seasons and now fight for her. For a character who is a eunuch, has limited communication skills and has been enslaved for the maajority of his life Grey Worm carries such a sexy and assertive energy. This man easily is up there with the ballsiest character in the show even if he physically lacks any. 

Fortunately, Grey Worm is still with us as of this blog post (can never be too careful with this) so we can stare at those beautiful features and fall in love with his grit and determination for the foreseeing future. We would also love to see Jacob Anderson in more when the series wraps next month!




Iwan Rheon - Ramsay Bolton 

Yeah, you're probably going to have to try your best to hear us out on this one. Not that actor Iwan Rheon isn't an attractive man because he certainly is, but Ramsay Bolton may be the most evil man in the history of television. Just to name a few of his despicable acts we are comfortable writing include murdering his step mother and brother, torturing and whatever he did to Sansa on their wedding night. Those are literally a fraction of what this man has managed to achieve on television... pure evil. Ramsay of House Bolton didn't have the greatest of childhoods and spends most of his time inflicting his inner pain on others whilst trying to make himself king of the North.

Eventually he gets his comeuppance when Jon Snow returns to the north and feeds him to his "loyal" dogs. Even though this man one of the most despicable men to ever grace our screens why were we almost sad to see him go? Because he was sexy. Yeah, we said what you were all thinking. From those angular features, cold blue eyes and thick locks of hair it was hard to hate the man even at his worse of times.

This isn't the first time Iwan Rheon has captured our attention TV though as we're sure most of you are familiar with his portrayal of Simon Bellamy on the Channel 4 classic Misfits. So yeah, even though the guy is clearly typecast to play weirdos... did you see his bum in that sex scene? All is forgiven as far as we are concerned.



Kit Harington - Jon Snow

The most obvious choice, who else? We could go on and describe this mans brooding beauty forever and why we want Jon Snow (or his other name) to be sat on that iron throne come the end of the series. Jon Snow is easily the best character in the series and that is not negotiable. From his tenure on the nights watch, his run-ins with the wildlings, his crowning as King of The North and now his complicated situation with Daenerys Targaryen all his storylines have had us gripped. 

There's something we all love about an underdog and a sexy underdog is even better. For the most part of GOT both Jon and the audience are led to believe that he is the illegitimate son of Ned Stark (Sean Bean) which obviously in the time sin which the series is set does the poor lad no favours. To speak loosely the hunk is sent to protect Westeros all those attacking from the outside, whilst he was away the majority of his family dies then he returns to reluctantly become King Of The North. In any other series that sounds like a happy ending right? This is GOT we're talking about. At the end of Series 7 we find out that Jon Snow isn't even really Jon Snow and things get really complicated.

When he isn't busy capturing the hearts of Westeros, Kit Harington is starring in Hollywood films such as Pompeii as well as doing voice work for Dreamworks animations How To Train Your Dragon - a true Targaryen even off set. To the surprise of many the stud doesn't have that soothing South Yorkshire accent that Jon does, he is actually from London and speaks with a received pronunciation accent, a true testament to how good of an actor this guy is! Another fun but disappointing fact for his fans that he is actually married to former GOT co-star Rose Leslie who played his wildling lover Ygritte in the earlier series.



So with all this being said and displayed, does anyone really have an excuse for being 'that guy' who doesn't watch Game of Thrones? The answer is no, no they don't. So next time you get the dreaded answer of "don't watch it mate" show them these fine specimens who feature and they're sure to understand the hype if they didn't before. Game of Thrones unfortunately finishes for good next month on the 19th of May 2019 so we'll be certain to appreciate every last second of screen time some of these hunks have. Anyone you think we missed out? We'd absolutely love to know in the comments below! 

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