Footballers get up close and personal on the pitch

It's fair to say whether you care for it or not... football (or soccer depending on which side of the Atlantic you are from) players are HOT.

Football is a face paced, physical and for the most part a very emotional sport. Even the calmest and mind mannered of football fans can easily lose their rag if a decision goes against their team or an unjust goal is scored. On the flipside football can bring us so much happiness and bring us all together. Moments of pure ecstasy can bring fans and players alike unexpectedly close when a goal is scored and victory is reached.

If we as fans feel this, just imagine what it feels like for a finely tuned athlete when the referee puts up a an unfair decision against him or an opposition player comes in with a meaty tackle. Many of time we have seen players lose their cool and get in each others faces sometimes pushing and shoving much to the delight of us because, well... it's so sexy.

So let's get into it - here are our favourite on field sauciest skirmishes and moments of affection

 Liverpool fan shows his appreciation for Divock Origi


It's well documented that the Belgian forward is a fan favourite down at Anfield and for good reason. Although the stocky striker is not a regular starter for the reds his clutch goals against city rivals Everton and Champions league final goal against Tottenham Hotspur has made the red side of Liverpool fall in love with him. One fan here clearly wanted to let know Origi how much he appreciated his hard work by grabbing him after scoring a goal to seal an important win against Aston Villa by grabbing the 6 foot muscle man and kissing him. Would we take it that far? I mean having an athlete in your arms - why not take your chance?

 Diego Costa takes on gang of Spanish hunks


Ah, Diego Costa - footballs favourite sh*thouse. The fiery Spanish/Brazilian and controversy are never far from each other and the Madrid derby is obviously no exception. El Derbi Madrileño is always a match of high emotions and agressions resulting in many goals and even more red cards and when you add one of the most aggressive footballers in modern history it makes testosterone raisng viewing for both fans and neutrals. Dirty Diego was looking for his chance to raise fists then his opportunity came, teammate Thomas Lemar was the receiver of a meaty challenge from Real Madrid right back Daniel Carvajal. Costa instantly saw red (quite literally) and pounced on the bearded hunk then pretty much ran through the whole Los Blancos squad before he could be stopped and escorted off the pitch. A very raunchy occasion.

Brazilian athlete worships 6'4 German man mountain


In football the goalkeeper is very often an overlooked hero and are never really put on the same pedestal as their outfield counterparts. Make no mistake, at this time in his career it was widely accepted that the Gelsenkirchen native was the best goalkeeper in the world. At 6'4 with an athletic ability like no other it was safe to say that he was absolutely loved by both his club and country. No one displayed this better than his left back Rafinha after Neuer made a jaw dropping save to clinch the win against bitter rivals Borussia Dortmund - warranting a kiss from the Brazilian. We can't blame him!

Young Brazilian gets in tatted studs face


If you know football you know Richarlison is one of the most exciting players the league for his on the field antics and occasion al bouts of temper which have resulted him coming to blows with the majority of defenders in the league and even getting sent off! With the young Brazilians pace and skill it's very rarely matched by whoever is defending him but it seemed like he met his match when Kyle Walker was on duty when Everton faced Manchester City last season. The 22 year old was running and running to no avail as it seems every time he would get the ball he would have it dispossessed by the England international. The frustration was clearly growing and when Kyle Walker gave him a slight push whilst running the ball out of play it all got hot and heavy between the two as Richarlison ran up to walker pressing his forehead against his as their muscular athletic bodies pressed upon each other. We almost wish frenchman Lucas Digne didn't break it up as it was very pleasurable viewing.

 Little cub rubs bulge on tall bear


 The world cup really brings it out in all of us doesn't it, remember the magical summer of 2018? Drenched in questionable liquids, highly inebriated and hugging strangers in the name of football - regardless of liking it or not. If we at home were so passionate and infatuated with the beautiful game that long hot summers, just imagine how the player over in Russia felt. Someone who was certainly caught up in the emotion that summer was Switzerlands little starlet Xerdhan Shaqiri, after completing his hat trick against Honduras in the group stage he was so excited he ran up to his assister Josep Drmic and planted one on his cheek. Due to Shaqiris smaller stature he had to scale man mountain Drmic revealing plenty of bulge on his was up during the homoerotic act giving this Swiss fans plenty more to cheer about.

Two sexy Frenchman share moment of pure ecstasy together


 If you aren't a football fan, we're sure you are still massive fan of French striker Olivier Giroud. At 6'3, athletic build and a beard we all wish we could grow the Chelsea striker really cannot help being gorgeous. So during Euro 2016 we simply could not take our eyes off him hoping France go as far as possible to we could drool over our screens. In the semi-finals against against Iceland our weeks of following Les Bleus paid off majorly when Giroud converted a delightful cross from Manchester United Legend Patrice Evra to make the score 3-1. Goal poacher Giroud was ecstatic to have scored the goal to seal the victory and send his country into the final, so much that he ran to his assister and grabbed his head passionately and brought it towards his as they held eye contact for a duration longer than what we call just friends. What makes this delightful image even hotter is a great view of Antoine Griezmann's bum creeping in between Evra and Girouds bulges - a beautiful assault of the senses.


Noble and Pogba make up after steamy tiff


As we've seen in this article that emotions can run extremely high in football with all that pride, ego and testosterone we can see men either want to knock each other out like enemies or embrace like lovers and in this case, both within seconds of each other. It was 2018 at the The London Stadium and at 0-0 stalemate tension was building as every moment passed, then it all got feisty. West Ham centre mid chopped down Pogba which was unpunished by the referee. The Frenchman wanted revenge. Mark Noble got the ball and before he could think of where to disperse it Pogba came in legs akimbo sliding into the unsuspecting Englishman. As soon as the WHU veteran came to senses he raced towards the perpetrator with eyes full of rage demanding satisfaction, planting his open fist into Pogbas face a mass brawl ensued and everything got very race as all of these athletic men in their short shorts ran into each other pushing and shoving. It was all very erotic but was quickly diffused by referees and and the calmer player on the pitch nut what was refreshing to see that after the game Mark Noble and Pogba embraced showing that what happens on the pitch, stays on the pitch.

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