8 Tricks To Get The Perfect Peach🍑

We know that you like to look good when wearing BOX and it’s important to keep on top of your health and keep yourself fit. But as good as your BOX may be, it’s important not to neglect your behind. Getting that perfect peach can be a bit of a chore, but you can keep your rear view in tip top shape by following these simple tips and tricks.

The 30 Second Rule

You’re motivated, you’re ready and you’re eager to get started on the road to your perfect peach. But hold up. Before rushing in and powering through lunges and squats, it’s good to just hold for a little and really feel the effect of the workout. Holding a squat or lunge for an extended period of time helps to take an extra deep contraction through your glutes and core, as well as stabilizing your spine before lifting back up to repeat again.

Mini Workouts

No excuses! Even if you’re at work or have a busy day planned, there is always time to squeeze in a mini workout to help you achieve that perfect peach. Make the most of your free time in the day and set yourself mini workouts for whenever you are free. Nothing too intensive or strenuous, but just enough to keep you ticking over until your time frees up or you hit the gym. Whether it’s leg lifts whilst answering the phone, calf raises while standing in line or even a couple of lunges walking to and from work. All those quickies add up to a better booty.

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Make The Stairs Your Best Friend

When you walk the stairs, you are directly putting stress on the back of the leg and butt area. This is the perfect way to tone, strengthen and tighten these areas. Over time, the use of stairs will aid in developing your glutes, and help you lose the cellulite and tone the area. A more natural way of giving your peach a lift, without the need for any cosmetic aid.

Eat To Grow

Just like any other muscle in your body, your glutes need protein and calories to grow. Adding a few more calories to your diet will aid in fuelling your workouts and make achieving that perfect peach a few steps closer. It’s also important to keep it clean with what you’re putting into your body. Choosing natural, unprocessed foods first and foremost will help in ensuring your body is fuelled up and ready for those butt exercises.

Walk & Tone

Everyone walks, so why not tone and shape your peach when doing so? Overtime you can begin to tone and shape your behind by simply walking around. Keep your heel on the ground as long as possible when you extend your leg behind you. Then, as you continue moving forward, lift your heel, roll through the foot and push off with your toes. This little change in the way you walk will keep your glutes contracting with every step. On the go peach workouts without you even knowing it!

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Slow And Steady

When setting out your plan to get the perfect peach, you’re not going to see results instantly, so don’t expect your behind to look perfection after one squat. Taking your time when working out will allow your muscles to fully contract, maximizing the workouts potential. During a squat, take at least 4 counts to lower into the position and then a further 2 or 3 when rising.

Stay Positive

No matter what, the most important thing is to stay positive! Without that, you’ll never get that perfect peach. It won’t happen overnight, but with a good attitude and routine, in time you’ll be able to strut your stuff and slip that peach into a comfortable pair of BOX underwear. It’s the motivation that will drive you to keep on pushing and toning till you’re happy with the results.

Use More Than Just Your Body Weight

Sometimes you’ll want to save a bit of time when working out, or even make it a little more challenging. Adding weights to basic moves makes it a little more challenging, but also scales up the rewards. You’ll work your glutes harder and burn more calories in doing so, putting you well on your way to achieving that perfect peach.

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