Aaron Carter Vs Jake Paul – Social Media Macho Men Face Off

Paul topless boxing

Nice shorts! Jake gives the crowd a good show.


As a celebrity, it’s no good just being one thing in this day and age. You have to be able to branch out into a variety of new skills, regardless of the results. If you happen to find yourself on a celebrity show where you’re forced to try new things, sometimes it turns out you love it and want to continue in this fresh line of work. Just ask Jenni Faulkner who not only won Celebrity MasterChef but married judge John Torode and now joins him on his various culinary escapades.


One such new found skill, especially amongst the super macho, is boxing. It wasn’t that long ago that Spencer Matthews had to pull out of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here when he had an adverse reaction to the steroids he’d been taking in preparation for a charity boxing match. OOPS!


YouTubers, reality stars and rappers (oh my!) are falling over themselves to get in the ring and things are getting personal. Aaron Carter, brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, recently joined the rank of ‘celebrity boxers’ by booking in a fight with none other than Khloe Kardashian’s ex, Lemar Odom which is due to take place on June 12th.


Aaron Carter in mirror tatts selfie

Piano whaaaat? Aaron shows us some face tatts...


Neither Odom nor Carter have any experience in the ring, with Lemar coming in a rather tall 6’10 and a veteran of the NBA having played 14 seasons.  By comparison Aaron just 6’2 but is nonetheless keen for the exhibition fight.


This has attracted the ire of YouTuber Jake Paul, brother of Logan Paul who both now box and have even taken titles. Clearly he took umbrage at so-called celebrity boxing, obviously thinking that what he does is the real deal compared to Carter. What followed was a diatribe fro the former music artist as follows:


Logan paul topless with blue boxing gloves

Ok bro, we'd be happy for you to have our back Logan!


“First of all little homey you have no idea what I’m doing w my trainer no idea how long I’ve been studying martial arts so make sure you check yourself before you wreck yourself anybody a little f***er over here you’ll never sell 75 million records.”


Clearly rattled, Carter continued his rant saying “OK and if this fight is bigger than yours oh boo-hoo cry about it get over it I could give two s***s about your jealous ass comments in this interview.’


Now, now boys, there’s plenty of room for everyone and more than enough opportunities to punch each other’s lights out when the pandemic is over.

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