Actor Luke Cook In the Shit on a First Date, Literally!

Ever been absolutely shitting yourself for your first date? Well Australian actor Luke Cook actually did. Read on to find out how Luke Cook got himself in a bit of a shit situation on his first date with someone?! He has not specified who the lucky girl is but I’m sure she’ll know who she is…


So, the story goes that the Australian actor Luke Cook was scheduled to go pick up his date from her home. Like most, you can imagine those first date nerves kicking in but unfortunately this was not where the trouble ended. As Luke arrived at his date’s door, he had a full-on accident in his pants. You can only picture the sheer panic that must have been written all over his face, along with an uncomfortable sensation in his boxers!


Luke Cook reveals first date distaster 

Luke Cook holding his phone camera in selfie form so that he could record his video explaining his first date disaster. This is a snapshot of Luke halfway through telling his embarrassing tale.


His instant reaction was to politely ask if he could use this girls’ bathroom, obviously not going into detail about why. So off he went to the bathroom where he was able to clean up the mess that he’d made, thank goodness! However, this wasn’t the end of the shitty situation… Luke was then left with the issue of what to do with his soiled underpants?! In Luke’s words “I went in and cleaned myself up, but I had my poo-ey underpants and didn’t know what to do with them”.


With much consideration about where to put his messy undies… Luke decided to stash them in that tank-like section at the back of the toilet. Now, I know what you’re thinking – what happened next?! Well unfortunately, it’s not been confirmed. Did Luke return to her house to retrieve the underpants? Did she find them a year later when having her toilet looked at? And if so, did she confront Luke?! I guess we won’t know unless he decides to give us more info so for now, decide yourself what the outcome was. Some advice we could take from this story is be careful what you eat before such an occasion and if you have a temperamental stomach – perhaps have the correct medication with you at all times!


The good news is, he lived through it and not only that – he doesn’t seem ashamed or embarrassed and in encouraging people to share their confessions with him!


What is Luke doing now?


Well other than sharing old stories about first date disasters… Luke is happily married to his stunning wide Kara and they’re expecting a baby boy. The first-time parents appear super excited to welcome their little one into the world.


Luke Cook and Kara Wilson expecting baby boy

Luke Cook and Kara Wilson posing for a very cute picture of Luke kissing Kara’s baby bump. Kara has a brown spotted maxi dress on with trainers and Luke is wearing light jeans, a dark casual shirt and a pair of boat shoes.

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