Ally Conor Coady talks gay players

conor coady in green top clapping

Hear hear! Yes we are definitely here for Conor Coady


Earlier this year, professional football player Conor Coady who is the national England team’s defender as well as on the Wolverhampton Wanderers, was named Football Ally of the Year at the British LGBT Awards.


Now the hot player has certainly proven his ally status and not only says that he expects to see many more gay players but also that his door is always open.


Award winning LGBTQ+ ally


It wasn’t long ago at all that Aussie pro player Josh Cavallo came out and quite possibly changed the face of professional football forever. Since then, the focus on professional footballers being able to come out and feeling comfortable has reached fever pitch (hello football pun!).


conor coady in yellow top

Not only a talented and sensible, but hot to boot 


Talking to, Coady said: "As a footballer, I can say that if anyone wants to come out, wants to speak to me, have a chat about things, then anyone in our dressing room would be open.”


He doesn’t stop there, going on to say: "I have never come across a footballer where this would actually affect them [negatively], if a player wanted to do that. By the way, I think the first player to do it would get a reaction, then for me, it would just become everyday life. That's something everyone is waiting for."


 Tackling a problem in sport


Coady is 28-years-old and hails from St Helens in England and came through the academy system in Liverpool. He was captain of the English Under 20s team before he made his debut in the national team in the Euro 2020s. We don’t need to tell you how epic THAT team was when we narrowly missed out on the win.   


conor coady with big bulge

Yes, our eyes can only see the big bulge in his shorts as well...


In the interview, Conor added: "I'm a big advocate that our sport is the best sport in the world, and I honestly believe it should be a sport for everybody. We should try our best to make everyone feel included, feel as one. Equality is a massive word, and when it comes to LGBTQ stuff, I'm big on making people feel involved. If someone wants to enjoy watching or playing football but is not feeling part of it, that would be horrible.”


The first of many (we hope)


Many predicted that as soon as one pro player came out, there would be an avalanche of gay footballers telling their truths. Coady’s words therefore come at an incredibly important time. Players need to know they have a safe space among their fellow players, especially when the terrible behaviour by some of the fans on social media and in the stands seems at an all-time low.


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