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The Toronto Film Festival kicked off last Thursday with Outlaw King, a film directed by David Mackenzie based around Robert the Bruce and his fight for independence in Scotland during the 14th Century. 

The film includes many famous actors including Chris Pine, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and James Cosmo. However, the talk of the town is not one of the actors themselves, but one of their body parts....Chris Pine's penis.

Unlike the majority of Hollywood films where nude scenes are mostly censored and filmed from the waist up, Outlaw King shows Pine's body completely in it's natural form with full frontal nudity. 

Typically, many critics have been shocked by the scene. However, director David Mackenzie and Chris Pine himself have had a lot to say about the backlash. According to the BBC, Mackenzie exclaimed that the scene was completely normal and nothing to be ashamed of, saying "the guy's having a bath, and people don't tend to do that with their clothes on," and Pine saying "We all have certain body parts, so it's a trip when showing what we all have becomes a Google Alert.”

They both make their point that it is silly to be offended by the scene. With Vulture writing that "It’s a level of nudity you don’t often see from male movie stars, and quite frankly, it makes Justin Theroux look like Buffalo Bill." With that in mind, by the sounds of it, it isn't such an unpleasant sight either.

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