Married At First Sight Aus Sam Ball Bears His Bubble Butt

Sam ball takes selfie topless big muscles green cap

Sam Ball takes a selfie showcasing his buff bod and tatts. Copyright Instagram @who_is_samm


International iterations of hit reality TV shows is not a new thing by any means. Lucky for us it means we get to meet buffed up lads from all around the world who are eager to cash in on their fifteen minutes.


From Love Island to Big Brother to (INSERT MISCELLANEOUS CITY NAME) Shore, you don’t have to look far to find a local version of your favourite show, all of which you can watch from wherever you are.


Addictive TV Down Under


Hitting the news recently is the Aussie version of Married At First Sight which you can currently see on Amazon Prime and Channel 4 streaming platform 4OD. With the lockdown still in place in various countries of the world and when you’ve watched everything there is to see on Netflix and you’ve completed Disney+.



Sam Ball showing butt in meggings

Don't you dare you at my derriere!  Copyright Instagram @who_is_samm



Step up Married At First Sight Australia. It’s becoming essential viewing for a world in various states of lockdown. Sunny climes, nonsense storylines and a cast that ain’t gonna be worrying the board of the Nobel Peace Prize, it’s the show that’s pure escapism for a viewership that are longing to escape their own confines.


Add to this a whole Aussie heap of eye candy that is keeping the punters coming back for more.


This week, contestant Sam Ball decided it was time to show off a bit of booty action by displaying his pert and peachy behind, snugly covered by some slightly strained grey boxers. The reality star cheekily puts his finest features on display making damn sure that us normal folk keep coming back for more of that delicious diamond derriere.


It doesn’t stop there though, another contestant has caught our beady eye in the shape of Matty Bennett who famously lost his precious virginity to Lauren Huntriss on their honeymoon (do they make these names up?!)


Matthew Bennett in blue trunks

Just chilling by the po po. Copyright Instagram @mattybgrateful


Matty, 31, was inundated with saucy missives after he split with his short lived betrothed on the second ‘commitment ceremony’ and certainly isn’t afraid of showing us his desirable assets in a variety of Instagram posts.


Anyone who fancied getting a bit more of an eyeful and donating to charity in the process can take a peek at Matty's nude shoot for the Manscapes 2020 calendar. 


How the show works is neither here nor there but all we can say is that we’re enjoying a new set of fit dudes from down under showing us just why they were picked for the show in the first place. Married At First Sight? You had us at ‘Hell no’!

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