Austin Wolf sets internet alight with new scene

austin wolf in porn scene pormo

Austin and Adrian Zuki show us what's what.


Austin Wolf has always been know for pushing the boundaries when it comes to porn and it doesn’t look like he’s going to change than anytime soon with the promo for a new scene he’s a produced with another Adrian Zuki. The self-described ‘smallest gay performer’ has partnered with Wolf for a scenes that’s getting everyone’s tongues wagging, some for the good but some less so.


Eschewing the studio route as well as Only Fans, Wolf and Zuki have produced their scene as an exclusive for


Austin Wolf checks out his phone

Can you take moment a from your phone to look at the cam? Thanks babes


In a recent interview, Wolf said of his collaboration with :I have been a studio exclusive for a few studios in my career and currently and exclusive for CockyBoys which has been great!  I appreciate the art of storytelling and fantasy fulfilment so I personally like having both Studio and Fans Content. I’m the creator of so that is the home of ALL of my content and it will continue to get exclusives and even has some of my CockyBoys content.’


After posting the above pic with Zuki, the majority of the comments promoting the porn scene are positive, but it’s clear that some fans don’t exactly ‘agree’ with two consenting adults performing a sex-scenes together when there is such a size difference with some even going as far as to say it’s akin to ‘paedophilia’.


Things is, this brings us full into the realm of ‘kink shaming’. It’s very clear that 24-year-old Zuki is an adult. He’s muscled up, tattooed to the max and is obviously in no way a child so what is the problem? Do they think that if you’re shorter you should only have sex with someone the same size as you? What about ‘Fun Size Boys’ who blatantly look like the youngest of the twinks?


austin wolf with brown furry rug

Austin checks his phone with a furry friend in tow


At the end of the day, porn is a personal thing. What you choose to watch, what kinks you like, what actors or scenarios you enjoy are totally up to you. Performers of differing sizes is hardly anything new, especially not in straight porn so as with most things, if that isn’t your thing – you don’t have to watch.


Talking about his porn in particular, Austin said: ‘It’s genuinely a real honor to receive that level of affirmation and adoration from around the world. These fans have genuinely transformed my life and my future, thank you. There will always be room for studio porn because it’s an adult form of storytelling and thankfully it’s a story that people enjoy viewing. I do think there will be some restructuring of the industry, but that’s basic evolution.

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