Barcelona Players New Pink Football Kit

Pink to make the boys wink?! Whilst the Barca FC boys may have looked the part in a fancy new sports kit, a disappointing 1 - 1 draw with Alaves left them red faced. 

In a much billed return to the Spanish for footballing God Lionel Messi, the Argentine walked out onto the soccer field wearing Barcelona Football Club's brand new pink and turquoise livery.

Barca's third kit design explained

Barca FC have yet another striking design for their third kit. The boys were looking pretty in pink for their game against Alves and although the results weren't great with a disappointing draw, the players looked the part in their new pink and turquoise kit. 

Pique looking devastated with his head buried in his hands whilst Alaves player claps his hands together. Pique is wearing a bright candy floss pink long sleeved football shirt with black outlining. This, partnered up with some black sports shorts and to complete the look of the new third kit, a pair of turquoise football socks. He kept it simple for the footwear and went with a pair of white football boots. 

It doesn't take much to figure out what's just happened here! The Barcelona goal keeper must have let one in. Leaving Pique, most likely along with his other team mates, distraught. But hey, on the bright side that new kit really is stunning.

The Alaves team huddled up together whilst we can see a Barca player walking away. The Alves players are wearing bright blue shorts paired up a vertically white and blue striped football top and horizontally striped socks.

The Alaves players are bent over with their perked peachy arses sticking out beautifully. We love a man in a football kit and even more so when they're getting super close with each other.

Pique looking very assertive about something towards a team mate. His arm is firmly held out in front of him with much frustration showing through his facial expressions. 

He's one of the best defenders in the world AND he's managed to put put a ring on Shakria, with whom he now has two gorgeous children. So yeah, he might be a bit demanding on the pitch but he's earned it in our opinion. Pique is a perfectionist and wants his team to excel. So, if that takes a gorgeous Spanish man looking aggressive in a bright pink kit, then we're totally fine with that!

Here, we have Pedri Gonzalez walking across the pitch tightly clutching onto each side of his shorts, raising them up so that we're able to see his hairy upper thighs. His face tells us he is slightly out of breathe with his mouth open and his eyebrow raised.

The gorgeous young player looks like he's trying to cool down here, maybe he'd be better just taking his shorts off completely, anyone agree? He looks super sexy is the new Barca kit, pink is definitely Gonzalez's colour.

Lional Messi doing his best to keep possession of the ball whilst he has two Alaves players coming at him from both directions.

All three players here look super hot. Each one of them giving all the effort they've got to get the ball. There are some seriously sexy legs involved here, keep it coming lads.

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