Beckham's criticised for Cruz shoot

cruz beckham id magazine cover

Abs for the memories: Cruzin with the youngest Beckham 

Well the Beckham conveyor belt of sons hitting the prime time continues with the youngest appearing on the cover of iD Magazine mere weeks after he turned 17. We brought you Romeo Beckham only recently but now it’s Cruz Beckham’s bite of the apple and it’s the music industry he’s got his eye on, following in his mother’s point toed footsteps.


Cruz control


We are loving the hot snaps but obviously aware that he’s not long been 16 and well, ahem, that’s a little young for us.  That’s not to say the lad doesn’t look good and we’re loving the pink hair and the washboard abs. We’re just getting a porny vibe about the pants being down and the hideous grill that made us gawk. Isn’t that the point then? It’s been all over the papers and people are talking about it so job done we would have though. All he needs now is some decent music and he certainly has a shot.


Cruz beckham eats fushnet top and shades

We DEFO dressed like this on the cover of a mag, didn't you?


Much as everyone seems a bit shocked, it’s social media where there seems to have been something of a backlash due to his age mainly. Once said simply: "This is super cringe and inappropriate in every way”



Elsewhere people weren’t holding back saying: "Literally no one wants to see a barely 17-year-old boy half-naked. It's actually quite gross when you think about it and is genuinely concerning. His parents should have never OK'd this and furthermore, neither should have this publication. If this was a 17-year-old girl, there would be no question about it. People would be outraged. And the same should apply here."


Sticking their oar in 


Others wanted to point out the gender difference for example: "Are we all going to pretend that Cruz Beckham posing in his underwear on a magazine as a 16-year-old is totally normal? If it was a 16-year-old girl...”


cruz sat on box

 You can hear psh now: get down of there and getcher fingers out your mouth!


There was lots of hand wringing like this person: "I can’t be the only one uncomfortable with 17-year-old Cruz Beckham thirst trapping and stripping to his boxers and showing off abs for a mag front cover?”


Harper next?


Some hit even harder: "Why is it socially acceptable for Cruz Beckham to be taking photos In his underwear/grabbing his crotch/clearly showing he has tattoos underage when he was 16 when the photos were taken? He’s a child” YIKES!


Some people, however, seem to have their smarts about them, writing: "Cruz Beckham has learned from a very early age that controversy, bad taste and scandals generate publicity, and that guarantees a strong media presence (for a short time at least), It's all about launching his music career." We await with bated breath as to what Harper will do. It's about time that little girls started working and pulling her weight!

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