Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 Hotties

Joel Fearon  in vest team gb

Yes we KNOW Joel Fearon is wearing summer gear here. 


It doesn’t even seem that long ago since we were doing profiles on the hot athletes of the Summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo (that’s because it was only last year babes – Ed) but here we are checking out the fit dudes that we will be keeping an eye out for at the Winter Olympics 2022 in Beijing which starts tomorrow despite a number of political issues that we are not going to go into here!


Joel Fearon


First up we have Joel Fearon who is one of many athletes that have translated their discipline and talent from the Summer Olympics to the Winters. Fearon is actually the fifth fastest British 100m sprinter and now he is putting his hand to the bobsleigh. Those bulging biceps will probably come in MORE handy when he’s pushing that big hard sleigh down its icy chute. The 33-year-old won bronze as part of the bobsleigh team in Sochi 2014 so hopes are high for this Olympics.


Matt Weston  running on the track

Again, we KNOW this is Matt Weston in the summer but you want skin right?!


Matt Weston


Next up– Skeleton He won gold in the Skeleton World Cup (yes that’s a REAL thing) back in November last year which was the first time that any Brit had been even on the podium of the discipline since 2014. The fit 23-year-old is one of the UK’s big hopes and at the time of his win, he spoke of his Olympic ambitious afterwards saying: “This season is all about getting to the Olympics in the best shape possible and this is a big step towards doing that.”


shaun white sat in pond

Known somewhat bizarrely as the Flying Tomato, White it a hot redhead


Shaun White


American 35-year-old snowboarder Shaun White announced on Jan 13 this year that the Beijing games will be his fifth and final Olympics. He has decided to retire after two decades of fabulous moves in the halfpipe that made the sexy red-headed San Diego native the sport’s first global celebrity and a pop-culture icon. Despite being a snowboarder, Shaun is White HOT and won gold at the 2006, 2010 and 2018 Olympics! He is legendary skater Tony Hawk’s protege and also the oldest snowboarder in Olympic history. He is has over 1.7m followers on Instagram and lives with girlfriend former ‘Vampire Diaries’ star Nina Dobrev.


zachary donohue sat on a wall

Zach is something of hottie on and off the ice.


Zachary Donohue


31-year-old Zach is also on the American team and he and ice-dancing partner Madison Hubbell are three-time US champions who will be hoping to win some medals in Beijing. This would be their first Olympic medals after a near miss with a fourth-place finish at the 2018 games in Pyeongchang. Beijing is the duo’s last shot at international glory as they recently announced that they’re retiring their competitive partnership after the Olympics. Hottie Donohue and Hubbell were also a couple once, just like Torville and Dean!


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