Best of British Bulk Ups 2

will poulter buffing up

Where there's a Will there's a way - Poulter's packed on the muscle


Hello boys! Yes it's been a while since we've showcased some Brit lads bulking up their beefy bods but as a sort of New Year treat we are BACK with another bunch of chaps to feast your eyes on. These hot Brits have turned their muscles into stacked up bulging man meat and we are here for it.  



Will Poulter


Not to be confused with Billy Porter (said no one) Brit Will was actually only 17 when he starred in The Chronicles Of Narnia – the Voyage of the Dawn Treader as the dreadfully annoying Eustace Scrubb, cousin of the main 4 kids who once disappeared inside a wardrobe. It wasn’t long before he went from adolescent to er, a 20-year-old playing an adolescent in We’re The Millers along with Jennifer Aniston.


The bulk up seems to have happened a lot more recently than that though. Anyone who caught the new series Dopesick on Disney+ based on the opioid crisis in America will have seen Will as an enthusiastic salesperson of the drug in question Oxycontin. In one scene he’s in bed with a girl and we were like WOAH as while his face is unmistakable, the bulk up came as quite the shock. No more boy bod, the 28-year-old has had a full-on Hollywood glow-up with abs and pecs to match!


kevin fletcher before and after body

Oof, yes please to Kelvin from Emmerdale and Strictly 


Kelvin Fletcher


The 35-year-old acting hunk has a wash board six-pack to die for but it’s a world away for Emmerdale fans who will remember him as grumpy farm lad Andy Sugden who he played from 1996 to 2016 – a whopping 20 years.


What’s certainly whopping is his British bulk up meaning we wouldn’t mind where his farmer’s hands went frankly. When on the show, Kelvin hid his impressive physique underneath a baggy farmer's jumper so when he flashed his hard naked torso in a saucy bathroom selfie when he left the soap, fans went into a frenzy. Why had his hotness been kept as a secret when surely that would have garnered the show with some new ‘fans’


Back in November 2017, Kelvin claimed he had developed a ‘dad bod’ and got himself back into the gym undergoing a lengthy training programme with personal trainer to the stars David Green. Clearly it worked and he was cast in Strictly back in 2019.


Joe Wicks


Joe wicks insta transformation

Forget nutritious treats, Joe Wicks is something of a snack


Joe became something of a national hero in the UK during the very first Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. With suddenly loads for free time and no gyms open, Joe became the nation’s trainer, making a name for himself as a health guru in the process. People lapped up him, his abs and his gorge family so much so that…he moved to LA to try his luck there. As always, he has documented his family and his own body journey on social media, saying this about his recent body transformation. His secret weapon? Sleep more! Something we can all get down with.


Joe wicks insta transformation

Los Angeles seems to be having a hot effect on Joe Wicks


“I set myself two main goals when I landed in LA three months ago. No 1 was to get more sleep because back home my sleep isn’t consistent and I don’t get enough. I spend too long sitting up on my phone working, watching late night TV or playing Call of Duty with my mates online until midnight.”



“The 2nd goal was to get stronger. To lift heavier weights and get progressively stronger each week just by adding a few extra kilograms or pushing out a few extra reps. What I’ve realised more than ever is that sleep is the foundation that everything stands on. When I sleep better and consistently I wake up with more energy to train harder. When I’ve slept well I also make better food choices.” 

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