Box does Scary Pictionary

On Thursday 25th October we celebrated our Halloween day 2 with a game of JACK vs JIGSAW in Scary Pictionary. 

The game was simple. 

Each player got to pick a scary movie from a box of choices, they then had to draw the movie on the whiteboard, using only images, no numbers or letters allowed. The views (you guys) had to guess the film, the first person we saw guess and comment on our live stream, won a £20 voucher for BOX menswear. Easy!

A coin was flipped to see who goes first, Jack called heads and won, so went first and the game was off to a great start. 

Jigsaw and Jack took it in turns, until there was no more movies left in the box. We gave away 12 vouchers all together... thats £240! We are so generous to you this week!

Like yesterday, Jigsaw wore our Black Boxer shorts and Jack wore our Red coloured Boxers. What do you think they should wear next week?

Once the game was finished we let you decide who's drawings you thought was the best. The player with the worst drawings would have to run around the block in BOX underwear. You all decided Jigsaw's images was the best, therefore Jack would have to run around wearing his Box red boxer shorts and his cape. 

Jack certainly took his forfeit like a champ and ran super fast in the freezing cold October weather in his red boxers, black trainers and cape. He looked like a superhero for all 5 minutes. Well Done Jack!

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Was you a winner in our Pictionary game? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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