BOX Halloween Week - Mummy Wrap

After a weekends rest we returned on Monday 29th October with Jack VS Jigsaw  with another head to head in a new halloween game, Mummy Wrap.

The aim of the game was very very simple, both competitors had to wrap up our 2 very helpful assistants, Nathan and Dan in toilet roll, complete like a mummy. The Person who wrapped their assistant the fastest, won!

Both Jack and Jigsaw wore our Scary Canary Feature Fit Boxer Shorts (size medium for anyone wondering.)

As always there would be a prize given, a £20 voucher was up for grabs to the person who correctly guesses who won. Everyone who guessed Jigsaw or jack would go into a prize draw and a winner would be randomly selected. 

Both Jack and Jigsaw had great technique but Jigsaw beat jack to the winners post and wrapped Nathan excellently. 

Congratulations to Callum Musk who won the challenge by guessing Jigsaw correctly and getting pulled out the hat to win the £20 voucher!


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