Box hits 100K celebration

On Sunday 30th September we give you all an insight to our BOX Headquarters to celebrate hitting 100K followers on Instagram. We went LIVE on Instagram, streaming for 3 full hours throughout Sunday afternoon. 

Our workers George Lambert, Michael Malone and Jack Crowther (who you may have recognised from our pictures) all worked their boxers off for you all. 

We showed you all what a typical day at BOX HQ was like, ok we admit we may have made it a little bit ‘extra’ for you all. No everyone has a shower every day or spend half the day working out, pumping up our biceps in Colours by BOX Briefs (we do that in the morning). We do have many orders for you all to get processed and packed, which is our first priority always.  However, during the live, we showcased some of our items for you to see along with some super gorgeous models and workers working that little bit harder for your viewing pleasure.😲

Box Boy Mikey wearing our White Boxer Shorts and White Sport Shorts whilst making his breakfast. Peanut butter and toast!🥜
Competition Time! We challenged the lads to stack 3 palettes of boxes, viewers had to guess the correct time in which it took the lads to complete the challenge. The closest guess won a £50 BOX voucher! The Winner was @tpatchyy-
Well Done!🏆
We informed our viewers of different offers on throughout the day! The first live stream was everything just £9!👌
Our Box Boys showcased off BOX products throughout the lives. We even had sneak peak of some new products. Scary Canary Feature Fit Boxer shorts. These will be available soon! 😱
George got down to work wearing out scattered BOX boxer shorts
We got all those angles for you. Our boy George showing off his package in Pink Coloured by BOX briefs. 🙌
Our BOX worker Jack give away a £100 voucher during his work out. Whoever could guess the length of time Jack done working out received a £100 voucher. Congratulations to @alexboy84 who guessed correctly!🏆
Jack was obviously sweaty after his work out so opted for a shower in some BOX King Fit Boxer Shorts! 💧
Big boy Mikey showed off his impressive physique with some weight lifting wearing our Tease Me Teal Briefs.
We give away ANOTHER £50 voucher to the viewer who could guess the length of time Mikey exercised on the treadmill for. The winner was @punksean2006, well done!🏆

Another familiar face popped in to say Hi and answer your questions. Thank you @thefitthomas 😀

We ended the day on a high, with our 3 BOX boys celebrating this milestone for us.

BOX M.D Luke Mills took to Facebook to say:

"Here’s an enormous thanks to you, a thanks to everyone who has helped us reach 100k on Instagram today and hot in the heels with Facebook.

Box started out as a little company in Liverpool, England a couple of years ago and has ballooned into what is now quite a bit business, employing 14 people full time and many more contractors.

We’ve been working so so hard, travelling around the world to continue growing Box! I write this message right now sat in Brooklyn, New York City having been to Texas, Chicago and NYC in the past week discussing Box’s next steps.

Listen, we know we’re not perfect, and how we’ve made mistakes, but I can promise you that we will continue growing, continue innovating, continue promoting and continue to make you smile.

Here’s to you Box boys out there, to everyone who’s liked a photo, slipped a pair of Box briefs on or worn a jock strap to work (why not), we wouldn’t be here without you.

Special thanks to the two girls (yes girls work at Box too) who ran today’s live event on Instagram! Emily and Shell.

Any ideas, suggestions or messages you want to send, please do send a DM and we’ll try and get back to you ASAP.

Thanks again, enjoy your week boys,

Luke Mills - M.D. Box Menswear


Thank you for your ongoing support, if you want to drop us a comment for any future ideas you want us to do, we love to hear your inputs.

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