BOX OLYMPIC PROFILE: Gymnast Nikita Nagornyy

nikita nagornyy on pommel horse

Nikita Nagornyy is known to give not just the horse a good pommelling 

Nikita Nagornyy vest top muscles

You cannot escape the pure beef on show with Russian gymnast Nikita Nagornyy


Around about the time the Olympics begin, even the most sport hating gay suddenly gets a newfound love of the various different disciplines on display in the two-week programme. Maybe it’s a sense of national pride (the Euros 2020 finale were the most watched TV moment since Princess Diana’s funeral) or maybe, just maybe, it's due to the likes of Nikita Nagornyy.


Nikita Nagornyy vest top muscles splits

Nagornyy puts on a lovely spread on the Tokyo 2020 floor


The men’s gymnastics is always dripping with hotties and this year is no different. Reigning all round champion and part of the Tokyo 2020 gold medal winning gymnastic team from Russia, Nikita Nagornyy is a force to be reckoned with.


Nikita Nagornyy vest top muscles

Showing off some huge arms whilst doing the YMCA

Nikita Nagornyy vest top muscles

Some short shorts and big thighs match his massive torso


The 24-year old is something of a pocket rocket, coming in at only 5ft 5in and started training when he was just six. His bulging biceps have our eyes popping on camera as well as when he is twirling and using the rings. His shiny short shorts are also pretty eye catching it has to be said.


Nikita Nagornyy vest top muscles

The man is a magician when he's giving rings a seeing to

Nikita Nagornyy vest top muscles

Doing 'The Nagornyy' at the Olympics. We would defo do the Nagornyy too. 


At the 2021 European Gymnastics, Nagornyy debuted a brand-new skill on floor and landed a triple back pike, which was then named ‘The Nagornyy’ after him. At this year’s Olympics he has already won a gold for the Russian Olympic Committee in the artistic team event.


Nikita Nagornyy medal and jacket

Nikita must wear a generic Olympic tracksuit since the Russian doping scandal 


The women of the ROC also won but anyone watching and wondering why they aren’t competing under their own flag or hearing the national anthem, it’s due to the doping scandal few years back. They won’t be able to compete under their own banner at next year’s winter Olympics either.  


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