BOX OLYMPIC PROFILE: Sweden's Armand Duplantis

Sweden's Armand Duplantis shouting

Armand showing us that he's definitely not the pits


This week saw the men’s pole vaulting final and you no-one could really touch Sweden's Armand Duplantis, or even his pole for that matter. The world champion wiped the floor with the rest of the competitors leaving him the only one left standing, attempting a world record.   


Armand Duplantis with swedish flag

 Duplantis was born in the USA but competes for Sweden

Armand Duplantis in vest

Looking wistfully at his medals and world records (probably)  


Despite competing under the Swedish banner, 21-year-old Duplantis was born in Lafayette, Louisiana in the USA. We thought he was giving us some real True Blood vibes. His American father was also a top pole vaulter as well with a personal best of 5.80 metres with Armand has already bettered.


Armand Duplantis with swedish flag

 With talent and an eye popping bulge, Armand is one to watch


He has been representing Sweden since 2009 but only felt comfortable enough to conduct interviews in Swedish after his Tokyo 2020 win. His mother had encouraged him to speak the language and take classes over Zoom. 


Armand Duplantis with pole

Looking a bit bendy in the pole vaulting final


As for his skill, Duplantis has been breaking records since he as seven and first took up pole vaulting when he was just 3 years old and living in Louisiana. Talking of poles, he certainly packs his legging cut offs for all to see with a bulge to match his gold medals.


Armand Duplantis with swedish flag

Showing the crowd his big long hard pole at the Olympics 


We were going to try not to make cock jokes about his big pole but unfortunately that’s not possible. At least he’s not Polish or else we wouldn’t have been able to cope. The man is clearly a head and shoulders above the competition with the silver medal winner even saying his skill was impressive and ridiculous

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