BOX PROFILE: Aussie Michael Hooper

Michael Hooper blue and red top with ball

Strewth Michael Hooper can sure pack a rugby jersey 

Michael Hooper thumbs up yellow top green shorts

Thumbs up yer bum mate! Michael Hooper in short shorts


Mighty Michael Hooper is a proper Aussie great hunk o’spunk. With a cheeky grin and some beefy arms, we’d defo do something with his shrimp other than put it on the barbie.



Michael Hooper green vest and shorts kicking ball

Sexy in grey. Hooper flexes his rugby muscles.

Michael Hooper green vest and shorts

We're big fans of Michael bulging in his training gear.


Rugby Union player Michael Hooper was born in 1991 in the aptly named Manly in the Sydney area of New South Wales and currently plays flanker for the Waratahs who are based in the capital city district of Canberra. He made his debut with the Brambles before moving to the Waratah’s in 2013.


Michael Hooper green vest lifting weights

Oof, Hooper shows off his hefty weightlifting skills


He also plays professional rugby on an international stage too as he plays open side flanker for the Australia national team, the Wallabies.


Hooper is a hot piece of Australian kangaroo steak with his chunky thighs hanging out of his short shorts like a proper big joey. He is currently the captain of the Wallabies which is no mean feat.


Michael Hooper green vest and shorts press pic

Even in a press pic, Hooper's not afraid to show his battle scars.


With a tackle that’s a deadly as a funnel web spider, Hooper weighs in at a roughly 100kg with muscle stacked up all over his hot bod. At 6ft 1 he’s a big fella too!


Michael Hooper yellow vest green shorts

Hold that position Michael and flex those massive thighs!


Unsurprisingly he has a lady in his life, Kate Howard (no relation to former Prime Minister John Howard) is the gorgeous wife of 30-year-old Michael Hooper. They’ve not had any kids yet but he is a private person and not one to discuss his private life in the press like so many other sportsmen and WAGs.


Michael Hooper green vest and shorts with ball

Hooper's beefy arms are a winner on the pitch 

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