BOX PROFILE: Rugby A-lister Ben Volavola

Volavola blue and white rugby stripes and ball

Aussie born Fijian national player Ben Volavola handles his balls 


Born in Sydney, Australia, Ben Volavola is 30 years old and is from a Fijian background. At 6’2 he’s a big fella and perfectly suited for Rugby Union and seeing as he is also weighing in at over 15 stone he’s also well suited to play Fly Half which requires skill and speed.



Ben Volavola kicks ball massive thigh

That's one hell of a right kick, maybe something to do with that massive thigh


He moved to Fiji with his family when he was young where he attended Veiuto Primary School before he left for Australia where he first learnt how to play rugby.  


Ben moved back to Sydney in 2000 with his mother and younger brother Milan before he started high School. In 2012, he completed his certificates in fitness at the Australian Institute of Fitness and then he finished a Business Diploma with the Australian Vocational Training Academy.


Ben Volavola hugs aussie michael l hooper

If we didn't know better we'd have sworn something was going on with Aussie Michael Hooper


Volavola started playing got the Waratahs in 2013 in the Aussie Super Rugby league as well as the Crusaders and the Rebels. In 2015 he decided to play for the national team in Fiji, a decision supported by his parents.



Ben Volavola green vest big biceps

Oof we love it when the Aussies insist on not wearing sleeves


With his giant arms and big meaty thick legs, he’s a national treasure and the good looks go a long way helping that. He’s even had a brush with being one half of a Hollywood celebrity A-list couple.


Ben Volavola and Shailene woodley suit and silver dress

Hell yeah! Here comes the A-list with actress Shailene Woodley 


In October 2017, Volavola was photographed out and about with actress Shailene Woodley, star of the Divergent series of movies as well as the giant hit Big Little Lies.  


Ben Volavola black top shailene woodley black hat

Don't they look cute (well they used to) 


The duo later posted several photos of each other on social media, confirming their relationship, and in January 2018, Woodley posted a picture of Volavola saying "damn I love him".



Ben Volavola vest top and blue shorts

Muscles and long limbs to die for, defo a Hollywood catch 


Sadly, it seems the pandemic was too much of a strain on their relationship as In April 2020 it was reported that Ben’s relationship with Woodley had ended. The Fijian hottie is now back on the market!


Ben Volavola catching ball

Back to earth with a bump, Ben's on the pitch again 

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