BOX PROFILE: British Hunk Owen Farrell

Owen Farrell red top rugby ball

Owen's what you'd call prime British beef

Owen farrell blue top ball hand

Farrell takes no shit on or off the pitch  


The sport of rugby originated (we hope you’re sitting down) in the town of Rugby more specifically the boarding school of the same name. 29-year-old Owen Farrell is the epitome of the what a British rugby player looks like, clean cut, stocky and quintessentially English.


Owen Farrell white england o2 top

Running just as fast as he can, not holding to anyone's hand

Owen Farrell white england o2 top

Thighs, arms, shorts, it's tough to decide where to look first!


Farrell plays rugby union for the Middlesex team the Saracens and has done since 2008 (with a 2-year loan to Bedford in 2009 before returning). He was born in Wigan but moved to the town of Harpenden in Hertfordshire when he was 13 where he was introduced to rugby union.


Owen played for the English Under 18s side as well as the Under 20s before moving onto the adult team in 2012 where he has remained and is now the Captain.



Owen Farrell white england o2 top shorts

There might not be an spectators but all eyes are on Owen

Owen Farrell white england o2 top shorts

Definitely looking defined in his English team kit


Owen is mighty fine cut of British meat with more than decent pair of thick thighs hanging out the bottom of his high riding shorts. He hit a bit of bump in the road back in February during a fierce Six Nations stand-off against Italy.


At one point in the second half he was accused of grabbing and shoving a player much to the annoyance of the referee.  Farrell is married to his high school sweetheart Georgie and they had a son back in 2019.


Owen Farrell white england o2 top shorts

Animal instincts come into play when Farrell goes feral

Owen Farrell white england o2 top shorts

Ouch that's one tight top, how Owen even move in that? 

Owen Farrell white england o2 top shorts

Oof Owen's a man mountain and we're here for it all the way to the touch line 

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