BOX PROFILE: Chelsea F.C.s Olivier Giroud

Olivier Giroud running in blue chelsea top

Serving hot hotter realness, it's Olivier Giroud 

Olivier Giroud blue and navy tracksuit

Olivier channels Rylan Clarke here even though David Beckham is his style icon


Olivier Jonathan Giroud was born in Chambery, France and plays striker for the French national team as well as the Italian Serie A club, the infamous AC Milan. Known for his ‘work-rate, strength, shot power and consistent goal-scoring ability’ he is considered one of the most underrated players in the world.


Olivier Giroud blue top and short tight bum

Hello pert sexy bum! He's filling those shorts in all the right wsys!


At 6 foot 4, he has model height and has a hot tight fit body that epitomises the sport as opposed to say rugby players, the fittest of which we have profiles here at Box in great detail!


Olivier Giroud topless on pitch with another player

Oof, hello (again). Model looks and nodel washboard abs alert!


As far as his personal life, Giroud has been married to his wife Jennifer since 2011 and they have a daughter Jade as well. He’s been a bit of a bad boy and in 2014 allegedly had an affair with model Celia Kay. What, a football player that couldn’t keep his bulge in his pants? Shock!


He issued a public apology to his wife after the incident (she should get some tips from Colleen Rooney on how to deal with that one) but also later insisted he didn’t actually do it.


Olivier Giroud light blue top arms stretched

Giroud is beardy but defo not weirdy!

Olivier Giroud lifts blue top abs and pecs

We can't get enough of those abs you could bounce a football off of!


Outside of footie, Giroud has been pretty prolific from modelling to video game inspiration to acting with plenty in between. He has said in the past that David Beckham’s ‘style is iconic’ and it’s clear from his tats, lewks over the years and hot bod that Beckham is his idol.


Olivier Giroud spreads legs pale blue top blue shorts

We don't know the French for 'go on my son' or else we'd put it here.

Back in 2014 he became the face of Hugo Boss’s men’s fragrance Boss Bottled, who could have easily been called Hot Bottled with his steamy ads. Not long after in 2015 he was named the Hottest Premier League Player which was no mean feat in a sport full of hotties!


Olivier Giroud blue kit on pitch

Those sexy legs will have convinced companies he should represent them with his hotness...


After appearing in the video game FIFA 16 which featured him doing his infamous ‘glamour slide’ goal celebration he  was cast in the Oscar winning Spiderman – Into The Spiderverse  animated movie as the Green Goblin, in the French version that it, obvs.


Ever since 2009 he’s been sponsored by Puma and starred in an advert for the, alongside Antoine Griezmann in August 2016.

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