BOX PROFILE: Spanish stallion Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos red and pink stripes

Beards and tattoos are Sergio's signature look


Sexy Sergio as he’s known to his pals (we cannot confirm or deny this) played the position of defender for football behemoth Real Madrid before transferring to Paris Saint-Germain in 2021.


Tatts the stuff


Born on 30 March 1986 in Seville, Spain, and this hot and hairy plyer is tatted up to the max and with regards to the beautiful game, Ramos is regarded as one of the best modern defenders. 



Sergio Ramos in light blue top and short shortsb

 Legs eleven - Ball control is sure one of Sergio's talents

Sergio Ramos in light blue top and short shorts

 Ramos' spread is second to none on the pitch


Sergio is known as an ‘aerial threat’ and also for his ‘in-the-box tackles’. Not only does Ramos captain the national team and plays as a defender for Paris Saint Germain but has also scored 52 goals from 385 appearances till date! 



Sergio Ramos in navy shorts taking off red top body tattoosSergio Ramos in navy shorts taking off red top body tattoos

We are HERE for Sergio's striptease and pirate tattoos


Ramos made his footie debut as part of the Spanish Under-21 team and was a top player way back in 2004. The following year aged just 18 years, he made his debut for the Spanish senior side in a break out match against China. Due to his versatility and skill, he then became the youngest player to debut for Spain in more than 55 years.


Sergio Ramos in navy shorts taking off red top body tattoos

Back tatts to boot? Hello there, that shit is ART


During the 2006 FIFA World Cup qualifiers match against San Marino, Ramos score his first two international goals for Spain so far the buff defender has played over 150 matches for Spain. He was the youngest European player to play 100 matches for their national team



Sergio Ramos white top ponytail

Smartening up with a clean shirt and tidy 'do! 


So what of this hottie’s love life. With his short shorts and bulging package, is there someone in his life ready to tackle his tackle?


A head for tackle 


Well yes is the short answer! Pilar Rubio and Ramos dating in September 2012 and sources that the pair tied the knot since then in a secret location as the Real Madrid star has been spotted with a ring on his wedding finger. The couple also have four children together - Marco, Sergio Jr, Alajandro and Maximo so clearly they’ve been busy when he’s not stunning his fans on the pitch.


Sergio Ramos white shorts pink and blue stripes

Stripes for days and a back hander for Ramos. 

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