BOX PROFILE: Hot NFL Bear Justin Pugh

handlebar moustache on Justin Pugh red and white top

Oh yeah! We positively stan Justin Pugh's handle bar moustache

30-year old Justin in another unit of a man at 6 foot 5, playing offensive guard for the New York Giants from 2013 to 2017 and then the Arizona Cardinals from 2018 to the present day.


Justin Pugh big belly white helmet red top

Bear necessities, Justin fills a jersey and we are here for it

 Justin Pugh in tackle on pitch blue helmets

When push comes to shove - more meat that a meaty pizza

Justin was born and raised in Holland, Pennsylvania where he became the big bear he is today. He certainly wouldn’t be out of place playing for gay rugby team the Kings Cross Steelers with those beefy limbs and barrel body.


Justin Pugh blue top shoulder pads

Blue is the colour - Pugh looks hot and sweaty on the pitch 

Having gotten so successful so quickly, big ole Justin was earning hundreds of thousands of dollars starting out in the NFL so young while his pals of course were on normal wages. He defo went all Vinny Chase from Entourage and paid the big bucks for clubs and drinks etc back in 2014.


Justin Pugh ass in white pants

That's a tight end and a half - Justin pushes back 

Justin Pugh showing some booty white bottoms

Pugh-tylicious! He's got some junk in the trunk and that's for sure.


After a shocking game, Justin even turned to a life coach As for his private life, this all-American football legend is totally in love with his girlfriend Angela apparently. All we know is that we like a bit of meat on our men and Justin sure serves up the goods.

Justin Pugh black jacket beard black tshirt

Justin sure scrubs up well, Pugh looking preened and pruned on the red carpet

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