BOX PROFILE: Irish Machine Robbie Henshaw

Robbie Henshaw green rugby top

Robbie Henshaw showing what a fine figure of a man he is  

Robbie Henshaw fighting on pitch green top

Now now boys. Robbie Henshaw tackles like he means it.


Irish hottie Robbie Henshaw was born in Althone located in the centre of Ireland on the River Shannon. He and grew up in the same area with a sporting family playing Gaelic football and rugby. With his classic Irish lad looks, he’s one of the sexiest on the national team which is saying something with these guys.



Robbie Henshaw blue top grabs shorts

Robbie has a rummage to check its still there - need any help mate?

Robbie Henshaw blue top and shorts ball

A nice bit of beard goes a long way when you're glaring at a ball 


Robbie plays centre but sometimes full back showing his versatility on and off the pitch. No quite as versatile as he with his music that his. He comes from a hugely tuneful family and earned himself the nickname ‘One Man Band’ with his team because he not only plays the accordion but also the fiddle, guitar and the piano! He sounds like he could be in The Corrs with a repertoire like that!


Robbie Henshaw green top white shorts

Robbie clocks in at just over 6ft 1 which is pretty tall in rugby

Robbie Henshaw blue top throwing ball

Not even his long sleeved training top can contain those biceps 


After playing for the Irish Under 20s he graduated to the national team in 2013 and has played for them ever since. He’s also the Leinster fullback when he’s not playing national rugby.


Don’t worry though, those bulging biceps aren’t going to waste, he goes out with Dublin University student Sophie Marren who he’s been with for 5 years. We have to admit being a bit jealous as hairy Henshaw has rugger bugger thighs for days and fill his shorts like a true Irish champion.


Robbie Henshaw holding ball green top

Robbie Henshaw green top muscles

These press shots of Robbie prove he's got some hot pecs AND a cute smile 

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