BOX PROFILE: Kiwi Rugby Dish Jayden Hayward

 Jayden Hayward blue shirt pointing

Grrr - Jayden Hayward gets to the point on the rugger pitch

green top white shorts muscles

Kiwi Hayward now plays for the the Italian Benetton Club

At just 20, Hayward was one of the stars of the Air New Zealand Cup in 2008, playing fullback/centre. Born in Hawera in New Zealand in 1987, the 34-year-old stand at a respectable 6ft 1.


Jayden's got the arms for the job, packing on biceps to beat  

rugby player on fall up shorts

It's all about the crack as Jayden Hayward takes a tumble

Hayward changes teams as much as he changes his facial hair and his haircuts. Having played for various Kiwi and Aussie teams, he transferred to Benetton Rugby in Italy in 2014 and has remained there since.

Jayden Hayward with bearded face grey top

 Tatts and a beard are the order fo the day as Jayden sports his Italian top 

Well clearly the Italian way of life suits Jayden as he obtained citizenship in 2017. He lives in Trevison in Northern Italy with his family including wife Ana. He had to hunker down with them at their home when the pandemic hit so it must have been tough when his homeland was so Covid free.


Jayden Hayward green and white shirt

Haywards short shorts and thick thighs make him perfect rugby candy

Jayden Hayward white top crouch beard

Whether you're a fan of a big beard or not, you're a fan of his 

One thing is for sure, trading his life in New Zealand for the Italian dream has kept him trim and his muscles taught. Having big thick thighs is a must for rugby players the world over and having some short shorts to show them off in is a must! 


Jayden Hayward beard blue top and shorts and ball

 Giving it the full beard and glare in his official Italian kit

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