BOX PROFILE: Kiwi Rugby Legend Codie Taylor

All Black Codie Taylor red top tattoos

Beefy arms full of tats... its Codie Taylor! 

Codie Taylor black kit holding ball

Giving his opponents the side eye - Codie looks on 


New Zealand Rugby Union player Codie Taylor is everything you’d expect from a Kiwi man machine on the pitch. The 30-year-old plays for hooker for the Crusaders in Super Rugby which is a rugby union competition between teams in Australia and New Zealand. It previously included South Africa, Argentina and Japan.


codie taylor haka red top

Performing the traditional Maori haka in order to intimidate their opponents

Although it usually inspires a little tittering to those not in the know, the hooker is one of the most important positions in rugby. At the centre of the scrum, the big guys around him are essentially there to provide the brute muscle while the hooker scoops the ball behind him whilst the rest of the scrum forces the other team backwards, thereby revealing the ball so the fly half can run with it.


codie taylor topless muscles tattoos black top

Codie gets out the puppies for the lads in the locker room 

codie taylor topless muscles tattoos black top

 Aww having a lads love-in with the guns out after a match


Taylor was selected by the All Blacks to play for the national squad back in 2015 and has played with them ever since during any international competitions. The All Blacks will be playing nine tests at home this year, which is a lot after the last year of which Taylor said: ‘When you look back on last year, we didn't play a whole lot so I think it balances back out’


codie taylor topless muscles tattoos three guys black tops

We're pretty sure we'e seen porno's that start off like this...

codie taylor black top

Taylor sure fills out an All Blacks jersey


The more he plays the more we get to see him on the international scene which is no bad thing. His rugged good looks and the fact he sure can pack a pair of shorts would have been a great help in bagging him a gorge wife while exhilarating his fans in the process.


codie taylor muscles tattoos black top throwing ball

No time for dance moves when you're playing for your nation Codie! 

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